Laura Geller 'Supersize' Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey

Laura Geller Supersize Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey £31.00 from (You also get a brush with this illuminator)

Hey my lovelies!

I have been chilling with family a lot recently as well as not feeling great so this has interfered with my blogging  a little, but I have managed to get sat down today and with a tall coffee next to me I want to get some posts popped out!

Recently I have been shopping more and more from QVC and when I'm feeling ill I tend to scroll through their beauty pages just to take a peek at all the brands they are stocking, I'm always surprised by how many high name brands they sell now!

Laura Geller Beauty is a brand I have wanted to try for a little while now, especially the Baked Gelato Illuminators! I love that swirl in the pan as it makes the illuminator look gorgeous and so different.

I do find the swirl so hypnotising and I was so scared of ruining it with use but I didn't have to worry, I have been wearing this frequently and it hasn't ruined the swirl just yet.

QVC stocks quite a lot of Laura Geller Beauty products but I didn't realise you could get certain ones in a 'Supersize' form!  This Baked Gelato has a net weight of 10g and the original sized one has only got 4.5g, plus the original costs £26 (link here) and the supersize one only costs £5 more and you get just a little over double the product.

Now finally onto the product itself!  I do have a habit of rambling don't I?  I adore how this transforms my skin as it gives me a such a gorgeous glow and even some warmth plus a little goes a long way.  I've used this all over my face since buying a month ago, even on top of a brown eyeshadow to make it really pop, loads of compliments with that! I will be trying this over other eyeshadows, I really didn't expect this to have so many uses.

For the last half an hour while I've been writing this I have been trying to think of ways to describe the colour of the illuminator itself,  I've thought of everything from liquid gold to shimmery gold which are all shite!  The highlighter was given the name Gilded Honey by Laura Geller and I think that describes it perfectly.



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