Oh K! | Korean Sheet Face Masks!

Oh K! Various Face Masks...£4-£7 available at ASOS

Hey Lovelies

This has been something I wanted to blog about for a few months but I decided I wanted to try out some more of their range first. I love all things Korean, I love the culture and the Kimchi! (Seriously I could live on Kimchi). I am fascinated by the history and lives of the people, not just in the South but in the North too.

Anyway that's maybe something for another blog. Let's talk about the masks themselves. The ones in the picture above are all I have left out of around 20! (oopsie). That's also why I have put varying prices above as some can be £4 but there is also one that is £7. I think ASOS is one of the best places to buy these masks as they have a really good collection of them.

Oh K! Manufacture these masks in South Korea. I was going to say they source their ingredients their too but I am not too sure on that.

The brand gives this information about themselves..

Inspired by its love of South Korea, NPW captures the essence of K-Beauty in its Oh K! collection. Expect carefully curated colour palettes, super-cute characters and playful packaging across its manicure and skincare sets.

Most of the Oh K! Masks are in sheet form, I tend to lie in bed after a bath with one on my face and leave it on until it goes dry which is about 20 minutes. I probably shouldn't leave them on so long but I do tend to fall asleep with one on!

I have loved all of the masks I have tried from their range but my all time favourite is the Bubble Sheet Mask. I find it cleanses my skin thoroughly and reduces the swelling in my spots, it exfoliates my skin too.

These masks are fun and feel like a real treat when you used them. My skin always feels fresh and cleansed after each one, I don't rinse away the excess, I just rub it gently into my face.

Overall these masks are fantastic, great for a treat as well as being good to your skin, yes they are a little expensive with some being £4 each but I only use them as a treat every now and again.



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