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Hey Lovelies

I'm trying many new hair and skincare products at the moment. In the past I have bleached and practically destroyed my hair a good few times. So I was desperately in need of a good conditioner and mask to help rescue it.

Recently I had all the most damaged, bleached hair cut out and I feel like I am starting fresh with my hair. I want to keep it well conditioned and this treatment from 'Bleach' London (the irony is noted) is something that I have had my eye on for a while but never got round to buying it until a couple of months ago.

The post before this one was about some products I got from Ouai which are amazing but very expensive, whereas this 200ml bottle was only £6!

Bleach London is a hair company that has a salon in... well London (obviously). They seem to specialise in doing bright vibrant colours and do some fantastic shampoo and conditioners as well as styling products designed for coloured hair. Recently they have started doing some makeup (ooo!).

This is what Bleach London say about their Reincarnation Mask...


Ressurect and hydrate thirsty, bleached or coloured hair and improve elasticity with this moisturising hair mask. Enriched with sunflower seed extract and micro wheat proteins to give great shine, strengthen colour vibrancy and help reduce colour fade.

You are supposed to use this as a pre-shampoo treatment. So you leave it in for 20 minutes, then wash and condition your hair as you normally would. I have used it like it says, but also in other ways too.

I like to wash my hair then towel it dry and put this on my ends. I wrap my hair up in cling film, leave on for an hour then rinse. I feel this way works just the same as the pre-treatment.

My hair feels so soft and silky after a treatment and I have noticed that when I straighten my hair it keeps the style much longer. This mask is perfect on brightly coloured hair as it will not strip out the colour and it really does reduce the fade as it was perfect when I had my bright purple colour on my ends (I miss my purple ends). 

Now that my hair is shoulder length I now only use a small amount of this, so 200ml will really last me a while and I think £6 is a bargain for a good mask!

Overall I would recommend this to people of all hair types, well maybe not oily!  If you have very damaged hair due to bleaching then this is definitely for you.



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