Zoella Snowella Pom Pom Perfume Body Mist

Zoella Snowella Pom Pom Perfume Body Mist 100ml £10 from Superdrug.com

Hey my lovelies!

Sorry I have not posted for a little while. If you are a regular reader you will know I have Bipolar Disorder and as happens with this illness, I've gone through one of those periods where I just didn't want to do anything, even get out of bed. But I am feeling better and ready to get back into blogging.

I need to admit it, I am a huge fan of 'Zoella'. I've watched her YouTube for such a long time and was overjoyed when she came out with her own bath and body range. Yes it was a little overpriced (hmmm sounds familiar)... ok more than a little if I am honest. But since then she has come out with quite a few bath and body ranges and started branching out into lifestyle and home wears. All of which i've loved. 

This particular fragrance is part of her new 'Snowella' range which is now available in Superdrug. This range looks gorgeous and the packaging is christmassy and modern. Now initially I had no intention of buying or trying the fragrance as I thought it would be a little young for me, but I was really surprised at how beautiful it actually smelled.  

It is has a tangerine citrus scent, mixed with a flowery base (god I am useless at describing perfume!) Once it dies down a little you can really start to smell the flowers in it. I have been asked so many times 'what perfume am I wearing?' and most people are surprised that it's by Zoella!

The cost of this was a little higher than expected. It was £10 and you get 100ml. Which is more than the perfumes in her other ranges but you can purchase a similar Victoria Secret body spray that has 250ml for £12. I feel she should have made it a little cheaper. Like many on recent social media, I think the 'pricing structure' of her recent products needs a rethink (Advent calendar, cough!). 

I'm planning on buying this for a few of my friends for Christmas and I think they will love it just as much as I do! I think a lot of people assume that all of Zoe's range is just for teenagers but if you're in Superdrug and spy this, then have a little spray. I plan on buying quite a few bottles when this goes on sale.



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