Nails Inc Beauty of Dreams Deluxe Unicorn Beauty Gift Set

Nails Inc Beauty of Dreams Unicorn Beauty Gift Set £40.00 from  I actually bought this when it was on offer for £20.00

Hey my lovelies!

I am working my way through all my reviews this week and I couldn't wait to talk about this absolutely gorgeously packaged gift set. First things first, let's show you inside!

In this set you get the following..
1 Show me the Bunny Sheet Face Mask
1 Sparkle Like a Unicorn Sheet Face Mask
1 Silver Streak Hand Face and Body Lotion
1 Nails Inc Unicorns Nail Polish In Dream Dust
1 Nails Inc Unicorns Nail Polish in Rainbow Wishes
1 Lips Inc Iridescent Sheer Gloss in Sleepy Unicorn
1 Lips Inc Lip Trippin Iridescent Lip Strobe Lipstick in Busy Unicorning

I had seen this set on other people's blogs and actually thought it must be PR or something like that. But then I was walking through my local Boots store and I saw this! I can spot anything holographic easily - I'm like a "holo" magpie!

I asked the lady "how much?" and she said it was £40 (ouch!) BUT... she then said she had seen it reduced down to £20 the previous day. So I asked her to scan it just to see...and YES it came up as £20! So I grabbed it!

If you know anyone who adores anything unicorn then this gift is for them. Because this particular gift set costs quite a bit (normally) I had a look around on Nails Inc's own website to see if they do any of the unicorn range in smaller sets and they do! They do the nail polishes alone in a gift set; it is called Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo (link here, cost's £15.00). There are a couple of these sets, but I have only done a link to the polishes that I have swatched as part of the bigger gift set I bought, so worth a look to see what other unicorn shades they have.

Another unicorn gift set they do is called Sparkle Like a Unicorn Gift Set (link here, cost's £19.00) and this one contains the Sparkle Like a Unicorn Sheet Mask, Nail Polish In Unicorn Vibes and Unicorn Dot Com, Lip Trippin Iridescent Strobe Lipstick in Unicorn Tribe (quite a mouthful).

Right that's every Nails Inc unicorn gift set I could find! I just wanted to go over that before I started going on about what's actually in this one as not everyone can afford £40. I know I wouldn't have been able to if it wasn't on offer at the time.

Lets start with the polishes..

Left is Dream Dust and right is Rainbow Wishes.
Available in the Beauty of Dreams Deluxe Unicorn Gift Set £40 (when not on offer, link here) and in a Duo Set directly from Nails Inc £15.00 (link here)

I have to admit I am an indie polish girl, so I don't buy many mainstream brand polishes these days. But I am trying to change that. I have just bought a load of China Glaze ones!  But it has been at least 2 years since I bought a Nails Inc one.  The polishes I have had from them I have loved, I even had one of their treatments once and it was amazing on my nails, I cannot find the name of it now, typical!

Each swatch stick has 2 coats of polish on. That's all it needed to be fully opaque. Dream Dust is a gorgeous pinky gold iridescent shimmer and has a wee bit of green in it when it's in direct light. It looks so delicate and pretty. Formula is fab and I got a full 6 days without a chip when used with my usual top and base coat.

Rainbow Wishes is just stunning. I love purple polishes, they are my favourite. This one is purple blue pink and silver all in one! A gorgeous multichrome that just looks like a "rainbow" in direct light.

I think I may buy the duo to make sure I have backups of these polishes! Don't want to be running out.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any individuals of the lip gloss and lipstick, It looks like you can only get them in this gift set, the other gift set has different ones.

I have to admit the lipstick and gloss look fun and funky, but I can honestly say its unlikely that I will wear them. They just make my lips look too shiny!  Here are the swatches...

You do get a gorgeous iridescent shimmer in both the gloss and the lipstick. I think kids and young teens would love these to play with! The gloss (bottom swatch) is quite sticky but not too bad, makes my lips look like i'm dead though so this will end up in a drawer and forgotten about (mind you, Halloween is soon).

The lipstick (top swatch) feels a little rough when you apply, which I think is down to the glittery pigment contained in it. Just makes my lips look wet and shiny and as I said, I think these are for people younger than me. I think I would look daft wearing this lipstick!

Show Me The Bunny and Sparkle Like a Unicorn Sheet Mask available in the gift sets and individually from Nails Inc for £5 each. Silver Streak Body Lotion is only available in this gift set.

I have not tried these sheet masks yet as I wanted to be able to get a good picture of them in the packaging for this post. I have heard great things but can't really say either way at the moment. I will update this post when I have used them, and it's the same for the body lotion. But if I am honest I'm not a big body lotion person as I have a lot of psorasis and it can be aggravated by fragranced lotions. 

Have you tried the masks or the lotions? Would love to hear what you think?

Thats it! Sorry it was so long but I did want to be thourough, I really wanted to make sure I linked every other Nails Inc unicorn gift set, even though I adore this one but mainly for its packaging if I am honest with myself.

Would you get this for yourself? Maybe for your kids?  Would love to know!!



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