FUN Lacquer | Triple 5 and SOS Nail Rebuilder Premium Nail Treatments

FUN Lacquer Triple 5 (left) and SOS Rebuilder (right) Premium Nail Treatments £10 each from Rainbow Connection.

Hey everyone.

It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been struggling with low mood associated with my Bipolar Disorder, so blogging took a back seat until I got my head together.

So here I am with my head reasonably put back together again and I now have a load of reviews to catch up on (Doh!) So I am going to start off with the nail products first.

If you have been a regular visitor to my blog, you will know I love indie nail brands. They just seem to have the best colours and treatments. So I was really excited when my favourite indie brand 'FUN Lacquer' released two treatment polishes; one called Triple 5 and the other called SOS Nail Rebuilder.  

I have been using both of these treatments for a couple of months now and I have definitely noticed a difference in my nails. Except for one which I am having issues with due to the acrylic not being applied properly (dozy Raych!)

Each treatment has worked differently on my nails so I will give a review on each one.

Triple 5 Premium Nail Treatment

I was intrigued by this treatment when it first came out as I was wondering what exactly could be in it. So when I read the description I was surprised! This is what FUN Lacquer says about this treatment....

triple 5 - 5 vitamins, 5 plant extracts, 5 benefits 
pamper your nails: they will grow healthy!

• triple 5 is a highly efficient formula that features active vitamins and plant extracts 
• incorporates a 5-vitamin derivative complex (a, b5, c, e and f) that imparts its hydrating, anti-oxidizing, keratin-activating properties to the nails 
• includes 5 botanical extracts (aloe vera, lemon, ginseng, pomegranate and grape) that are deep nourishing, revitalizing and brightening 
• contains patented hexanal*, a powerful hardening clinically tested aldehyde that significantly improves the condition of the nail and is not listed as an allergen 
• clear nitrocellulose-based formula 
• incorporates a uv filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing for a long-term stability on shelf 
• 5-free formula

real active cocktail of vitamins and plants, triple 5 guarantees 5 nail benefits in one single bottle 
1. keratin hardening: improvement of the nail condition agreed by 90% of volunteers*, brittleness decreased for 90% of volunteers* 
2. hydration with anti-breakage protection: nails break less for 90% of volunteers* 
3. deep nourishment with anti-splitting reinforcing effect: nails are less splitting for 71% of volunteers 
4. wonderful healthy look to the nails with brightening and mega gloss effect: nails are shiny for 100% volunteers 
5. growth stimulation through keratin activation 
* usage tested on 20 volunteers during 3 weeks of regular use

Wow! That's A LOT of claims and ingredients! Now I have used this as a base coat and as a treatment, where you apply a layer every day for a week then remove and start again. I prefer just using it as a base and redoing my mani every few days.

Now before using the Triple 5 treatment I had flaky nails and they peeled quite a bit. But when I started using this treatment within 10 days the flakiness had gone and after 20 days they were stronger! All I had done is apply 2 coats of this to my naked nails then put my nail polish on top, I did this 2-3 times per week. Et voila!

I was loving the Triple 5 treatment a lot, but it wasn't making my nails stronger. I was still getting breakages on my index finger, so I also purchased the SOS Nail Rebuilder treatment. I had read that it "regenerated and thickened nails".

SOS Nail Rebuilder Premium Nail Treatment

Initially I wasn't going to buy this treatment, as the Triple 5 seemed to cover everything I needed. I thought you only really need this one if your nails were in a bad way hence the name "SOS". But after discovering the Triple 5 wasn't giving me as much of the strength I needed, I turned to this one.

I have used this as a base coat and then as a treatment where you apply a layer every other day and then remove it at the end of the week.  This is what FUN Lacquer says about the treatment..

sos nail rebuilder - regenerating thickening nail treatment 
daily aggressions like water and pollution or 
bad dietary habits eventually weaken your nails

• sos nail rebuilder contains exclusive pistacia resin oil, a precious ancestral natural oil with proven healing and strengthening properties for nails 
• the formula is a unique clear nitrocellulose-based formula that provides outstanding gloss 
• incorporates a uv filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing for a long-term stability on shelf 
• the formula is fluid in order to make the application smooth and easy and provide a fast drying time 
• 5-free formula

• clinically certified: from weak to thick 
day after day, nails are deeply regenerated, their thickness is increased by up to 51%* 
• the formula seals nails under a defensive shield: nails are absolutely protected against daily aggressions 
• nails are covered with opulent shine for a radiating healthy look 
* tests carried out on 12 users: 2-coat application on bare nails every other day during 28 days

After using this for one week I noticed my nails had become a little thicker and were definitely not as bendy. Then after a month there was a huge difference! The nails on my right hand have always been a little weaker than my left and this treatment has strengthened them. I have not had a break in over 6 weeks on that hand (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!)

But you 'can' make your nails too strong and I discovered that on my left hand when my thumbnail broke easily. When I looked and felt the nail, I noticed how thick and strong it was. So I decided to stop using the SOS treatment.

But I didn't want to lose the strength that I had gained but I also didn't want them too strong, so I came up with a system. I use the Triple 5 treatment for two weeks then switch to the SOS. Since I started using the products this way, I now feel like I get the best of both treatments!

To summarise, I am loving these treatments and would recommend them to everyone (Not just for people with nail issues). Triple 5 for bendy and flaky nails and SOS for thickening and strength, or combined for the best of both worlds.

Have you tried the Premium Nail Treatments?




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