China Glaze My Little Pony 2017 Collection

I bought my collection from Nail Polish Direct for £4.95 per polish.

Hey everyone!

I think my nail polish addiction might be getting worse. I seem to have a compulsion to buy a whole collection & never stick to trying just the 1 colour - well especially if it's My Little Pony! Who doesn't love ponies (and unicorns)??

This collection from China Glaze consists of 14 nail polishes. But there are also 2 'sets', one of which I bought is called Songbird Serenade which has 2 of the polishes in it as well as a special 'best friends' double ring (too cute). The other set consists of 6 mini polishes from the range and it's called 'The Mane 6'. Each of those bottles contains 3.6ml of product, whereas the full size bottles contain 14ml.

This collection was made to promote the new My Little Pony Movie, which started in cinemas in 5th October! Hasbro don't miss a trick do they?! Also just want to add that I bought this collection and wasn't sent it...I'm not hinting Nail Polish Direct I swear!

I am going to show the double set I bought first and then show you a quick swatch of each polish. Ok let's go...!

Songbird Serenade £8.95 from Nail Polish Direct

I will show the swatches of these 2 polishes with the rest, I wanted to show this separately to show you the fab design and the cute 'Sia pony' (please release this as an actual pony Hasbro!) on the front. The 2 polishes you get in this set are Best Ponies Forever (left) and Songbird Serenade (right).

Hay Girl Hay!

This is such a pretty polish. It looks amazing in direct light and especially over another polish. You can see pinks and blues and it almost has a 'multichrome' effect! (I don't know how else to describe that). On it's own it looks like shimmery snow! Needs 2 coats to be opaque but only one to transform another polish.

Sweet As Pinkie Pie

This is a gorgeous baby pink. It looks so delicate on the swatch and I have played with this a little with some dry brushing and it looked really pretty. I did 2 coats on the swatch stick, I was surprised though as I thought it might take 3!

Best Ponies Forever

This polish came from the Songbird Serenade duo pack. It's a beautiful gold polish that has a slight matte finish to it. Also needs just 2 coats to be opaque.

Applejack Of My Eye

I loooove this red! I'm not usually a person who likes red nail polish but this one reminds me of the red soles of Christian Louboutin shoes and also my favourite lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury called So Marilyn. Needs 2 coats to be opaque.

She's a Mane-iac

Such a gorgeous hot pink!  Again, I'm not a big fan of pink polish but I am loving this one. It almost glows when I look at it! It has a slight matte finish and needs 2 coats to be opaque.

Too Busy Being Awesome

I love the blues! (no surprise there). Blues are my favourite polishes next to purples! This blue actually has a wee hint of green I think. I have used this polish with a coat of Hay Girl Hay over the top which gives it a pink and green flakie tint! A lovely deep sea blue too! This polish needs 2 coats to be opaque.

Let Your Twilight Sparkle

Now this baby is one of my favourites! A gorgeous blue with pink and green multichrome shimmer. Amazing over Too Busy Being Awesome or on its own. This polish does need 3 coats to be opaque.

I See Ponies

A good holographic! In a mainstream brand too! I will say it was extremely hard to see this in the swatches which is why I took an additional picture with the flash. You can just see a little extra colour in that picture. This polish needed 2 coats in order to be opaque.

Where's The Party Canon At

Oh my gosh, this glitter polish is GORGEOUS! In the sun the rainbows you get of it are mesmerising and I have had so many compliments when I have worn it. The swatch doesn't really does it justice. It's a pinky cranberry red that just screams 'Christmas party' to me!  So you can get shit-face drunk and make a fool out of yourself and be confident that your nails are still gonna look a-maaayzing! This needed 3 coats to be opaque, but only 2 if you sponge it on.

Kill Em With Kindness

Yellow is not a good colour on me. I remember using yellow eyeshadow and by the time I blended that shit out I looked like a minion. I probably own maybe 5 yellow polishes max and I have only used 2 that were neon! However, I want to try to 'watermarble' and do nail art with this polish as I can't see me ever using it any other way. The formula is as amazing as the others and you need 2 coats for this to be fully opaque.

One Polished Pony

This is a divine 'Tiffany' blue with a lovely silver shimmer in it. I love this shade and sometimes I'm never sure what to call it?? Tiffany or aquamarine blue?? Or am I now just getting colour blind looking at all this different polish? I had to do 2 coats for this to be opaque.

I Just Canterlot

This is my favourite in the whole collection. It is identical in formula to the other glitter polish in this range (Where's The Party Canon At). It's a gorgeous purple polish packed with holographic glitters. I have only swatched it and not had the chance to actually wear it yet (not enough days in the week). I know it's my favourite because its purple!! The swatch required 3 coats but only 2 are needed if you sponge it on.

Cutie Marks The Spot

This polish is sooo cute. It's a gorgeous green with a hint of blue. By now you will have all realised I'm a bit crap when it comes to colour descriptions (need to download a decent colour wheel). I do own quite a few nail polishes in a similar colour, so I do see myself wearing this one often. This polish needed just 2 coats to be opaque.

Songbird Serenade

Now this was a polish I was 'on the fence' about, until I used it on the swatch stick. Unfortunately, this was the HARDEST polish to take a decent picture off (with this camera anyway). In direct light there are purple and golden shimmers in this polish with a hint of holo, just a wee hint! This is a gorgeous black shimmer and I can see me using this a lot. I'm really interested in what this would watermarble like! That may be a future post!

So that's it!! All 14 polishes swatched and described. 

Overall, I am loving this collection. Not just because I love "My Little Pony!" (can't help but sing that) But I love the shade range so much. So many different colours and types of polish! Nail Polish Direct is a fantastic site but I will say the pictures they show of these polishes isn't a true example. They made the holographic polish just look grey and it can be a little misleading (it's so much nicer).

I am currently in the process of playing about with this range. I will be trying stamping and watermarbling with them and I can't wait to see the results!

Sorry for the long post! I just wanted to make sure I swatched and covered everything!

Have you got any of this range? Do you also love "My Little Pony!" ???



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