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The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil 20ml £12.00 at, Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Night Mask 75ml £12.00 at and finally the Tea Tree Night Lotion 30ml £10.00 from

Hey everyone!

It's finally happened! The kids are back at school, well except for Bella. Just put a face mask on and feeling all chill, so thought I would finally review the bits I have from The Body Shop's Tea Tree range.

If you have read my blog before you may know that my skin has been really awful lately, it's become very spotty and has patches of psoriasis all over it.  I was getting really depressed because of it and all my usual skincare products were not working so I needed to try something new.

After having a browse in The Body Shop I came across their tea tree range. I actually thought it was quite expensive so I only bought a few items from the range initially in case I had a reaction to it.

I will review each item then write an overall opinion at the bottom, let's get started shall we! Sorry! Just having a Threadbanger moment!

Let's be honest this is just tea tree oil, you can get it in Poundland and similar shops for a lot less than I paid (£8) at The Body Shop.  I am not entirely sure why I bought this to be honest I think it was an impulse purchase.

This is what The Body Shop says about the oil..

Our iconic purest concentration Tea Tree Oil
With purifying tea tree oil grown in the foothills of Mount Kenya
Use on targeted areas of concern
Reduces blemishes
A cult classic

Regardless of where you buy tea tree oil from I find that it works on my spots, it reduces the swelling and takes away some of the redness.  I pop it on every few hours with a ear bud, I have also used my fingers but then I rubbed my eyes after using it....ouch the burn!

I love this stuff and it really works well on my spots by shrinking them and removing redness.  I wouldn't pay £8 for the oil though I think that's overpriced, personally I would shop around for tea tree oil.

Now this stuff is amazing!  The tea tree oil was good with my spots but this made a drastic improvement to my skin within a few days. When I applied this all over my face I used a very small amount, it felt quite cooling and it has a gel like consistency.  You really don't need to use a lot of this  

This is what The Body Shop's website says about this..

Skin instantly looks and feels refreshed, purified, and soothed.
In the morning, imperfections* appear reduced.
Skin looks healthier, smoother, and mattified.
Improves appearance of pores.
Helps maintain clearer-looking skin.
Features a refreshing memory-gel texture and is infused with tea tree oil grown in the foothills of Mount Kenya.
Alcohol-free, no pillow-staining formula.
TOP TIP: Pop the Night Mask in the fridge for an ultra-refreshing feeling.
Tone, texture, and oiliness

This mask is designed to be applied before bed and when you wake up it has soaked in and your spots will have shrunk!  I only felt a little residue on my face when I woke up and I remember looking into the mirror after using this for the first time and seeing a difference already. My larger spots had shrunk and the redness was going too.  I did initially use this on my whole face but it was such a waste, so I now apply the mask to my chin and any other areas with spots.

The night mask contains tea tree oil and salicylic acid.

Overall this stuff is fab and it does what it says on The Body Shop website. If you have angry spots this will shrink them quickly and help remove redness too.  Just use a small amount or just put it on the spots directly, and definitely don't waste it by putting it all over your face unless you need to.

When I was in The Body Shop looking at the tea tree stuff I wanted to get a moisturiser and they didn't have the daytime one in stock so I picked up this one.

I have been using this as a daytime moisturiser for a couple of weeks now and I really love it, it has helped get rid of some spots and keep my skin soft and hydrated.  It also doesn't feel heavy like a normal nighttime moisturiser and my skin isn't greasy after applying it or even after a few hours of wear.

This is what The Body Shop says about this moisturiser.

Lightweight night care for blemished skin
With purifying tea tree oil grown in the foothills of Mount Kenya
Light hydration
Controls excess oil
Reduces the appearance of blemishes

It does everything it promises!  It's made me want the rest of the range quickly. I love how my skin feels after using this moisturiser and how makeup just sits so easily on top of it.

That's everything I have in the tea tree range so far and I do plan on buying a lot more in the next few weeks.  I am just amazed how these 3 products have cleared my skin up quickly without aggravating my psoriasis.

The Body Shop has stunned me with the quality of their skincare.  I remember buying their stuff years ago and it was crap and it put me off shopping with them for a very long time.  I am so pleased I went back and found this range, let's see what else I can find!

Have you tried this range? Did it work for you?



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