Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Unicorn Elixir

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Unicorn Elixir £6.00 from

Hey everyone

I have an addiction to anything holographic and I am proud to call myself 'holosexual'. Whenever I see anything with holo I have to buy it, from shoes and bags to necklaces and cushion covers! So when I saw this on Tam Beauty's website I had to have it (regardless of what it was). I didn't even initially read the description! Just wanted that holo!

But after a moment of being transfixed by the holo packaging I did realise that it was actually some kind of liquid highlighter. I have seen some other companies come out with these before, specifically a brand called Cover FX. I know Barry M have also come out with their own range of liquid highlighters called Liquid Chrome. This is what Makeup Revolution says about this elixir..

A magical and beautiful reflective iridescent lilac Liquid highlighter drops with a variety of uses! Our concentrated highly pigmented highlighter is a must have for all lovers of glow! Can be used alone as a liquid highlighter, Simply apply to the high points of the face and blend with a synthetic brush or sponge for dimension and glow. 
Mix into your favourite foundation for a more dewey and illuminous finish. Mix into your body lotion and creams for a gorgeous all over glow, or use alone with your everyday skincare for a natural glow from within on even bare skin days.

These swatches were in direct sunlight

These swatches were done inside the house and out of direct light.

For the swatches I used two drops of Unicorn Elixir, it is watery, but I expected that. The liquid feels a little funny on my skin; like there is some kind of film or residue on it once I have rubbed it in. I know that can be normal for a liquid highlighter, but I really didn't like that feeling on my skin.

The shimmer in the elixir is a gorgeous purple and blue combination which is really beautiful, but hard to photograph properly, typical! Not sure I would wear this as a highlighter though as the shimmer is a bit too glittery looking for me and I think the colour looks a little funny on my skin. Especially being the blotchy mess I am at the moment, I probably would look like a shiny faced Golem to people if I went out with this on.

I have mixed this with a couple of pumps of my favourite moisturiser and it does give me a glow, but the colour just isn't right for my skin at all. Really want to try the others that Makeup Revolution has released and need to find a shade that suits me. Any ideas?

Overall this stuff is really pretty and it does last a good few hours on your skin, it's easy enough to apply and blend and does give your skin luminosity but the purple and blue shimmer puts me off and I do think it looks weird on my face; almost like I've dunked my head into glitter! I think this would look gorgeous for people doing different makeup styles, like mermaid makeup and specific looks like that, but as a day-to-day highlighter, I don't think so for me. I was just blinded by the holo bottle!

But my daughter loved it...

My 3 year old sorting her glow <3

and here is the finished result...

What do you think of this? Do you like or hate liquid highlighters?



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