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Essence Cosmetics Blush Play in 20 Play it Pink £4.00 from

Hey everyone.

I've been feeling really crap lately, physically and emotionally and quite possibly financially as well! I don't have enough money for all the nail polish I want! Yeah Raych! Nice priorities!

I picked this up a week ago as it looked rather interesting and it wasn't a bad price either.  I have seen a few people using this on Instagram but didn't read any reviews.

Lets start with the swatches..

This picture was taken inside the house
Highlight on the left, Sculpt in the middle and define on the right.

This picture was taken in direct sunlight
Highlight on the left, Sculpt in the middle and define on the right.

This is what Essence says about this product..

Get the ultimate sculpted look with this Essence Blush Play Sculpting Blush Palette. When applied individually, these perfectly aligned blush shades are ideal for contouring, but can also be mixed and matched for a fresh look. Use the lightest shade to highlight, the darker shade to sculpt and the medium shade to define. 

To be honest I don't think much of this at all, I think it's barely got much highlight to it! To me it almost looks like a skin powder with the teeniest bit of shimmer in. I may try that as a face powder instead, it could give me a glow! I did think at first maybe I was a little harsh about this highlight but I do think you can get a gorgeous highlighter from Makeup Revolution for a few pounds more which really glows!

This blush has some light shimmer in it and is a really pretty colour but it's too light as a blush on my skin and its quite patchy. The formula just feels quite dry and powdery to me.

At first glance I liked this colour blush, but when I applied it to my skin it was far too pink and it was patchy like the other one when I tried to blend it in. I was a little gutted as out of the whole palette, that was the one thing I wanted to work the most.

I did expect a little more really from this as I have tried Essence blushers in the past and really liked them, but this didn't look good on my skin at all. I did try and blend the two blush colours together and the end result of that made it look like I'd been slapped! Not my best look!

They do one more shade of this palette that I know of, so maybe that would look a little better but I am not impressed with the formula either. I think I'll just leave it.

I bet some people 'have' loved this and I did initially think I would too. Maybe it's my skin or just the way I am using it, but this palette is going to have to go to my daughter to play with instead!

Have you loved or liked or loathed this palette??? Let me know!



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