Trunki EAT Range in Trixie | Back To School 2017

Trunkie Trixie 2-in-1 Lunch Backpack and Drinks Bottle £17.99 from and Trunkie Eat Range Trixie Snack Pots £7.99 from

Hey everyone

The kids are 'almost' back in school! It's so close I can smell it! snnnnniiiifff* smells like FREEDOM. Don't get me wrong, I adore my kids (I just need them to leave me alone occasionally).  

If you have read my previous 'School Spending' post you will have seen a quick review on this lunch box already. Why do another post? Well since I got it, I also bought the extra boxes for it and thought it did actually deserve its own post in the end.

Going to try my best to not do a 'Raych ramble'.

This lunch bag is designed after the Trunkie mini-suitcase and it looks so cute! I am always a sucker for bright colours. Inside of the lunch bag is silver and the lining is easy to clean. It also has a little mesh pouch that you can stick small items like Pepperoni biscuits and maybe some spoons, if your child likes to have yoghurt for their lunch (as mine do).

Now in the past to clean my kids lunch boxes I just threw them in the washing machine and they all survived. So I am hoping if Bella does get this caked in yoghurt or paint, I'll be able to chuck this in the wash too.

The bag is a good size and able to fit in the drinks bottle as well as the snack pots and some other bits too. You really can get a lot of lunch in this bag.

Another little nifty thing this bag has, and I mentioned in the other post was the fact it can be used as a backpack. That's fantastic for me as Bella does drag her bags around and they'll get ruined quite quickly. The straps are also adjustable, so I think this could fit even a smaller 2-3 year old. 

After a little bit of research, I found that you can buy this lunch bag on its own or with the drinks bottle included. I got the lunch bag with the bottle inside and you can buy this version from for £17.99. Just the bag itself can be bought from Little Trekkers for £11.04.

You can get this lunch bag in different colours. I have seen four different designs so far on various websites. I was going to link them all here but there are quite a few!

On to the Drinks bottle...

I really love this bottle - I love the colour, the shape and it does look cute. I cant resist cute! It has a push button to make the top flip up and reveal a flexible silicone straw for easy drinking. It's easy to use, just unscrew the lid and put the juice or water in and that's it. The bottle comes with a strap that you can attach to either side of the bottle so you can carry it around like that too. It also comes with extra straws in case the others are damaged, lost or unhygienic.

You can buy the bottle individually from for £7.99.

Now the Snack Pots..

I wasn't going to buy these at first, but as I have a 'matchy matchy' personality so I had to!  Just had no choice in the matter! I am going to be honest, besides their lovely pattern and the ability to fit them inside each other, there is nothing special about these snack pots. You can get cheaper ones for your kids lunch bags but if your like me and you like or need things to be match up, then these are really pretty.

You can fit the bottle and the large pot in the lunch bag as well as the smaller one too, I can see me using the smallest one more for Bella's fruit and the largest for her sandwiches or sausage rolls.

All of the snack pots are BPA Free.

You can buy these snack pots from for £7.99

Only Raych could turn a post about a lunch box into an essay!

Overall I really love this lunch bag. I love the colours and the design, especially the backpack feature. Plus your little girl or boy will love all the designs you can get. But it is probably on the expensive side. I love that you can match all the accessories with the bag too which I adore but to be honest you don't really need them all.

Out of everything here I would only buy the lunch bag and the drinks bottle. The snack pots are just pots, you can get them from Poundland that do the same job.



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