Superdrug Goodies | L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paint & L'Oreal Paradise Mascara

L'Oreal Paradise Mascara £8.99 (offer price) from and L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paint in 102 Pink Lady (but the bottle says Darling Pink?!?) £6.99 from

Hey everyone

Actually managed to get some makeup on today!  Kids left me alone for an hour so decided to get dolled up and take some pics of me wearing a new mascara and lip paint from L'Oreal.

I bought the mascara and lip paint a few days ago and I have been wearing them pretty much every day since buying them. So I felt like I could do a review about them now.

Lets start with the mascara shall we?

I was really excited when I bought this mascara as I have heard good things and some people even compared it to the 'holy grail' mascara Maybelline Lash Sensational! God I love that mascara but just wish my eyes didn't react to it the way they do after a few hours.  

I'll start with the formula. When I apply this it goes on my lashes easily and in one swipe it looked really good, my lashes looked so long! It did clump a little on the second coat but didn't look bad. I ended up using a dry mascara wand to brush it through a little more and I only had to do this a couple of times.

The wand is 'alright', but what you can't really see well on the picture is that the base of the brush is a little larger than the rest. I think it's been designed that way to 'lift' the outer corners of your lashes dramatically. Which is a great idea but I don't think it works as I didn't get any extra "lift" on the corner of my lashes.

I have worn this mascara pretty much all day, every day since I bought it as I really wanted to make sure I tested it well. I even went swimming with it on and yes it did run...a lot! But I did expect that. I do have some sensitivity to eye makeup and I will admit that I had some itching after a few hours. Now I won't say "Oh if you have sensitive eyes don't try this!" because I know my eyes are sensitive to all mascaras, even high end ones.

This mascara was pretty easy to remove as I use oils. I have always used Almond Oil to remove mascara, as it comes off quickly and doesn't irritate your eyes. One of my friends used Garnier Micellar Water to remove this mascara and it took a little longer. Another friend used baby wipes and it took her even longer, also with a lot of rubbing on her eyes.

Overall this is actually a great mascara. You do get lovely long lashes that last pretty much all day, as long as your not swimming! You may get a little clumping with it, but as I do with a lot of mascaras, I just brush it out with a dry wand.  That doesn't put me off this and I will probably repurchase it in a couple of months. Need to say though that Maybelline Lash Sensational is still my favourite.

Wow I did make that a little long, maybe I can make the lipstick post shorter, I doubt it!

First of all, I have to admit this was an accidental purchase, I was meaning to buy one of the matte shades and I didn't read the bottle before buying it! So once I got home and noticed it wasn't drying down I was a little disappointed but thought 'let's give it a chance Raych'.

I have not really tried a 'lipstick' like this one before. It's quite thick and just a tiny bit sticky, almost like a gloss. It is actually called a 'lacquer' and it has a gorgeous shine almost as shiny as a gloss. I am going to show you L'Oreal's description of this lipstick..

'Introducing our 1st liquid lacquer lip paint for bold high shine lip colour with super concentrated pigments for glossy paint like finish which lasts for 8 hours
Features :-
Available in 3 super pigmented shades from pillar box red to dusty nude and killer coral. 
No bleeding, no smudging, water resistant. 
Our slanted tear drop shaped sponge applicator allows for precise application with the optimum deposit of Lip Paint for the most flawless shiny pout'. 

I have been wearing this quite a lot for the past few days. I will say that it wears away quite quickly, especially when your eating and drinking. But, to be honest you get that with most lipsticks when your stuffing your face like I do. I found I was reapplying it every couple of hours.

This colour is so pretty and I am not someone who usually likes pinks, but this one stood out to me. As I said, I had originally thought it was a matte! It definitely has some red in it as well, and it's very pigmented! With one swipe my bottom lip was covered, I didn't need to go over it but I did just because it's habit.

The applicator is sponge and slanted and I felt like it hugged my lips when I was applying the lipstick. It really made application easy for me as I usually get lipsticks all over the place!

Overall, I really love this lip paint and I was surprised that I did to be honest. As once I realised it wasn't matte, I just thought it was going to be another crappy gloss! But I was wrong, it's a brilliant lip lacquer. Easy application and fully opaque in a few strokes. Yes you will need to reapply often, but that is the only downside I can think of with this lip lacquer. I want to get the ones I don't have now, and maybe just maybe I will manage to pick up a matte one too!

I almost forgot to show you the picture of me wearing the mascara and the lip paint! Here you go!

Not my best pictures....but nevermind :)



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