Primark Beauty | PS..PRO Longwear Mineralized Foundation and Setting Powder

PS..PRO Longwear Mineralized Foundation SPF 15 in shades 03 Rich Beige (left) and 01 Ivory (right) £5 each from Primark.

Hey everyone.

The kids are nice and quiet so I thought I would get my review of this foundation done, taking advantage of the peace! (Probably wont last long though so pull your finger out Raych!)

I love Primark (or 'Primarni' as it's called here). It's one of those shops that I just disappear into, then come out skint and tired. I've had a few bits and bobs from their makeup range and so far I've been impressed. The price range is fab and I feel like every month they are adding more and more to the range.

The one thing I had not tried yet was a foundation, so I spotted this one on a very abused and half empty shelf. I think half of Liverpool had tried to test these foundations while there by the looks of that shelf! I'll be honest I didn't really read what type of foundation it was, I just checked the shade and realised that 01 Ivory would make me look like Casper so I picked up 03 rich beige too. Could I shite find the 02 shade!

I also picked up a setting powder that closely resembles Ben Nye Banana Powder (link here for the Ben Nye Powder) for only £3! 

I'll talk quickly about the powder first as it was the first thing I tried once I got home. Practically threw it on my face! This powder is wonderful and just as good as the Ben Nye one, in my opinion. It gets rid of any shine on my face without it looking or feeling dry and it also makes my skin look brighter.

I did use this to "bake" underneath my eyes and found it worked really well compared to other budget ones that make your face look a little chalky *cough MUA Cosmetics cough*. I applied the powder underneath my eyes with a damp beauty blender and all over my face with a large brush.

I will be picking up a few of these next time I am in Primark...maybe 10 at least! Well worth checking out, especially for £3!

Now back onto the foundations! I have been wearing them mixed every day since I bought them. I have to mix 2 pumps of 01 Ivory to one pump of 03 Rich Beige.  I know that sounds like a lot but that covers my whole face and the shades mix together really well.

Top is 01 Ivory and bottom is 03 Rich Beige.

I have applied this in two ways, using a damp beauty blender and a brush. I prefer using the beauty blender but I think that's because of what I am used to and I tend to always apply foundation that way. It blends onto your skin really easily too.

The first time I applied this foundation, I was shocked by how full coverage it is. It literally covered my blemishes with only one layer and even my under-eye bags were reduced massively. I just wish there was a magical primer for the texture under my eyes now!

Unfortunately I have weird combination skin. It's oily in places then dry in others and I also have psoriasis plaque patches near my eyes and foundations tend to stick to those, especially full coverage ones. But this one didn't. It covered them without looking dry, patchy and weird. I would recommend this foundation to anyone with dry or normal skin types.

It has a dewy finish which you can make matte with the setting powder above or any other powder you have. Just remember a little goes a long way with the powder. When I was experimenting I ended up with cake face the first time, whooops! 

After a long day in which I even went the gym, my foundation stayed in place mostly, maybe after 8 hours or so you need to add a little powder. But I think that was more the effects of the gym than the foundation wearing away! In the end my coverage lasted all day and I was impressed by that especially with a budget foundation.

Would I compare it to any of my other high end foundations? Yes I would. I think this is serious competition to MAC Studio Fix! If you love full coverage foundations but don't want to pay stupid money for them, then this is really worth trying. My only gripe with them is their shade range, I wish they would release more...pretty please!

Also "hello Primark" (if your reading), make my magic under eye primer please! This texture is so annoying!



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