Primark Beauty | GWA Glow It! Highlighting Palette

GWA (Girls with Attitude) Glow It! Highlighting Palette £5  available from Primark.

Hey everyone

If you follow me on Instagram (Raychlovesbeauty) you will have seen that I recently got a few bits and bobs from Primark.  I have seen their range on quite a few of my friends blogs and read really great things so I thought why not indulge a little.

I bought 5 items from Primark's beauty section and this highlighting palette was one of them, and if I am honest I wasn't expecting much from it especially at £5!  I did instantly fall in love with the gold and pink textured packaging as it made it look a little more expensive in my eyes.

Here is the inside of the palette


You get three different highlighter shades in this palette, one coppery as well as a pink ish coppery shade and a champagne shade.  I really love all of the colours but I wish that the middle one was a little different to the first as on the swatches they look very similar.  My favourite one is the champagne shade as it looks gorgeous on my pale skin, I think the other two are a little two dark for me but are fantastic as eyeshadows.

Here are the swatches.

I have to admit my camera wasn't very good at picking up the shimmer in champagne shade swatch, but the other two look gorgeous don't they?  

The formula in the highlighters is really good especially when you consider the price, I have paid triple and they were shite! The only shade I would say is a little on the chalky side is the lightest one which you can see on the swatch above if you look closely.  The other two do not look or feel chalky at all and they all feel quite buttery and blend really easily

If you turn the palette over you see this.

Girls With Attitude have put a picture of a face on the back of the palette to show you where to apply the highlighter, it also contains a list of all the ingredients contained in the palette as well as contact information and their social media links.

Overall I really love this palette from the packaging to the highlighters themselves.  They feel buttery and blend beautifully on my face, as I said before the only one that is a little chalky is the lightest shade but it's not too bad.  I have never seen the Girls With Attitude brand in Primark before so I will be looking for more when I visit next time!

Have you tried this? What did you think?




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