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Model's Own One Night Stand Mirror Polish £14.99 from

Hey everyone.

I've sat on this review for a while as I've actually had the polish since it came out and it's been a bit of a roller coaster. I had so much hope for One Night Stand and thought it was going to be amazing and when you first apply it can look fantastic but it can quickly turn into a mess.

The first issue I had with this polish was it was too thin as I had actually been sent a "broken" one.  I emailed Models Own who took a good week and a half to get back in touch and I told them that the polish they had sent me was basically silvery piss.  They offered to send me another so I accepted and I must say I was a little suspicious as they didn't ask for the old one back or anything like that and they just sent it no questions asked which is fab but makes me think that I wasn't the only person that received silvery piss.

About a week later the replacement arrived and I was hyper to try it out but I was wearing a gel manicure so I roped my neighbour into using this first as she has got pretty good nails.  I followed the instructions and I applied the base coat it comes with (also is used as a top coat) and left it to dry which did take a little while compared to other base coats and I think I left it for a good 8 minutes.

Now on the instructions it tells you to not have loads on the brush but not have too little so I was trying to be very careful about how much polish I had on the brush, a few friends who have tried this told me to try not to go over the polish that you have already applied as it can streak.  That was very difficult but I tried my best as the mirror polish itself isn't like any other nail polish I have used, it's like water which did make application quite hard and I swear it smells like car paint! 

I applied this in three strokes on each nail.  This is my neighbours nails after I had applied the mirror polish.

I think you can see my iphone in the nails!  I have to admit I was proper excited when I saw this and so many ideas came into my head!  I was thinking about stamping on it and maybe using some nail vinyls.

Now I had read online that the top coat can make the mirror polish quite cloudy so I thought let's see how it copes without a top coat, so I sent my neighbour home and the only thing she had to do was run a bath for her kids but other than that she didn't do anything else.

Less than two hours later I got sent this.

So it definitely looked like this polish couldn't survive without the top coat, I asked Jenny what she had been doing and it was just the bath for the kids. The colour that it had turned into reminded me of their Colour Chrome Collection and to be honest there is no words more precise than this looked like shit.  I knew I had to use the top coat next time.

Once my gel nails were off and I got them all prepped for One Night Stand I applied the base/top coat and left it to dry for a good ten minutes this time.  I applied the mirror polish with three strokes on each nail like last time but I seemed to be getting streaks and a few bubbles so I removed it and shook the bottle and started again. I still ended up with some streaks and it seemed to be happening when the brush was overlapping the previously applied polish.

I tried again and ended up with slightly less streaks and I applied a very thin layer of top coat, here is the result.

Some fingers seemed to look okay but others went quite cloudy after the top coat was applied, this polish does amplify every dent and ridge on my nails which made me a little self conscious.  If you have bumps and ridges on your nails this polish will show all of that.  It was also a little messy to apply so I ended up with lots of flooded cuticles.

I did apply a normal top coat to my thumb for "experimental purposes" to see what would happen and it basically ate the polish and made it all crack.

So after the top coat was dried I got on with the rest of my day and I did notice that after a few hours the mirror shine started to fade a bit quicker than the 6 hours stated on the box, I did run a bath for the kids but that was it.

The following day I saw that they looked like badly applied chrome polish and then exactly 14 hours after application my nails looked like this.

You can see what the normal top coat did to the polish on my thumb and you can also see how One Night Stand wears away quickly and that all my ridges and dents are even more apparent now!

I really couldn't wait to get this stuff off! Absolutely horrible looking nails, no way I was going out with nails looking like that.

Overall I think this polish is a load of shite and I know a lot of people are going to say "Well Raych you dope! you did it wrong, you need to try it this way" and that's fine and I did, I tried so many different ways! But in my opinion if you make a polish that only a few people can get right then that's just shit for everyone else.  You can get a lovely mirror like shine from this and I am not denying that, but if you stick it on natural nails and you have loads of deep ridges and bumps then this stuff will make them look worse.

Also the fact that the shine didn't even last me the 6 hours promised on the box is crap too. I am sat here thinking is there any positives for me with this polish and I would have to say no.  I have wasted £14.99 on polish I will never use again but I was thinking giving this to a friend to have a go with, maybe she will have more luck. I do think this would look nice over nails that don't have loads of dents or ridges or even acrylic nails.  I have seen some lovely pictures of this polish over acrylic nails on Instagram.

Have any of you tried this polish? What did you think? Did you get it to work?



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