Fun Lacquer | Cheers To The Holidays (H) and Blessing (H)

FUN Lacquer Cheers To The Holidays (H) £12.58 (13 Euro) on the left.  Blessing (H) £12.58 (13 Euro) on the right, both available from Hypnotic Polish

Hey everyone.

Had a few dark days but feeling a little lighter today so thought I would finally get my post done about these fantastic polishes.

I am a huge fan of FUN Lacquer, it's an indie brand based in Singapore and they have come out with some of the best and most unique polishes I have ever seen, in fact my favourite polish of all time is from FUN Lacquer, it is called Unicorn Island, a gorgeous purple with lots of holographic glitters.

Let's start with Cheers To The Holidays (H)

Such a stunning multichrome shifting polish with holo glitters!  You can buy this polish without the holo and it is just as lovely.

 When this polish shifts you will see reds, blues, purples and oranges depending on the angle of your fingertips.  I had to do three coats of this polish for it to be fully opaque. I wore this for over a week with no chips!

My fella bought this polish for me from Hypnotic Polish for £12.58 (13 EUR) 

This is the lovely Blessing (H), this polish also has a very popular non holo version too, in fact FUN Lacquer only just recently started doing holo versions of their most popular multichromes.  I love this holo glitter version, the rainbows you can see in the sunlight always gets peoples attention!  I have been asked so many times "What polish is that!?".

Blessing shifts into so many colours, blue, violet, red and maybe even a hint of gold!  It all depends on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting your under.

This polish was fully opaque in three coats for me and lasted for over a week before any chipping happened.

I do love FUN Lacquer multichrome polishes, and now they've added holographic glitters it just makes them even more special!  Both of these polishes are formulated to not need a base coat, but I always wear one anyway. Both polishes are 5-Free and cruelty free.

The Blessing (H) polish was actually was actually bought from Rainbow Connection but I have checked and they don't have any stock left for now.

Overall I love these two nail polishes like I love the rest of my FUN Lacquer collection, they are gorgeous and unique and attract attention! Do you own any FUN Lacquer? Whats your favourite or what's your favourite indie brand?



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