Camping in our garden! | Summer Holiday 2017

Freedom Trail Toco 4 Tent £25 in Go Outdoors

Hey everyone

This will be my first non beauty post for a little while!  Just wanted to talk about something I try to do with some of my kids every summer. Camping in the garden!

I know everyone struggles to find stuff to do with their kids and not spend a small fortune.  Last year when we camped in the garden we used a old tent that I bought a very long time ago and we could barely sit up in it! But we had a fab time just me and him and sometimes I feel I don't spend enough time with my youngest boy Matthew.

When I was in Go Outdoors a week or so ago having a little explore I spotted this tent and thought it was perfect for Matthew and Isabella to play in.  Nice and big as it can sleep four people so lots of room for them and their toys. 

Left is the entrance to the tent and right is inside the tent itself.

The tent is really easy to assemble, maybe takes 15 - 20 minutes tops, which amazed me as I am useless with camping stuff and tents! Proper city girl me!

It's only got one layer which probably wouldn't be great in the winter, but if you are only using it to play with or to camp in for the summer it will be alright.  I slept in this last night in heavy rain and after a good few hours you could feel the wetness on the walls of the tent, which gave me a little shock on my feet as it felt so cold.  It was quite cold in the tent all night but we did wrap up warmly.

Its easy enough to get in and out of in the dark too which was handy for a 3 am bathroom break, nearly broke my neck tripping over the trampoline though but that wasn't the tents fault.  

Would I recommend this tent?  I would but not for proper camping, unless it's the summer and your all wrapped up! This tent has given my children hours of fun and they will be able to keep using it every year or for as long as it lasts in our house!

Most of all this is why I bought it...

Freezing my arse off at 2 am was totally worth this smile!

Camping in the garden was such a fantastic idea and my Matthew really has enjoyed every minute.



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