Wikkid Polish | Hot Blink and Chartreuse

Wikkid Polish Chartreuse (left) £7 link here and Hot Blink (Right) £5 link here.

Hey everyone!

I meant to talk about these fab polishes a few weeks ago when I bought them, but as usual my brain is like a sieve and completely forgot! Even though I have been wearing them.

I discovered Wikkid Polish by accident when I was doing a browse through Instagram, which is the place to be for indie shops by the way.  I didn't buy anything for ages as I was saving for another collection, but once I saw Chartreuse was back in stock I pounced, I also bought Hot Blink as I watched a "Pourn" of it being mixed and fell in love.

All Wikkid polishes are 5 free, cruelty free and vegan! I let my 3 year old daughter try these because I feel they are safe for her to use, I can't get this kid to stop wearing my polish.

Right lets start with Chartreuse..

The picture doesn't do this gorgeous polish justice. In the sun it gives off green and yellow rainbows that you would expect from a linear holo polish, but the lemon base just makes it more intense. It reminds me of cocktails and holidays,
 and makes me feel happy when I wear it, it's hard to explain. Just makes me smile.

 I did three coats in this swatch but I would say it is fully opaque in two. I didn't use flash with this picture but I have taken a picture of the sticks with the flash turned on.  I will put that picture at the bottom.

Now time for Hot Blink...

Now I'm not the biggest fan of pink polish, unless you stick a holo top coat on it! Everything looks good with holo though doesn't it. Hot Blink has a gorgeous blue shimmer running through it, which is quite hard to get on camera but I think I managed to capture it a little.

  You can get this polish in a scattered holo version too which is fab. I will probably get that once it is back in stock. This polish reminds me of bubblegum and sweets and I was really surprised by how much I love it.

 I didn't use a flash on this picture it was just natural daylight.  I did three coats on the swatch sticks, I have a picture of this polish using the flash on my camera and I will post it now

 Just look at that holo on Chartreuse!!

They are just GORGEOUS! You can really see the blue in Hot Blink and Chartreuse looks like a holo limeade!

Have you tried Wikkid Polish? Would love to see some pics!



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