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Twinkled T Rainbow Stamping Polish $32 for the bundle or $6 each from or you can buy them from for £6.50 each.

Hey everyone

I'm back from my holiday with the kids, had loads of fun and came back tired but happy! I was extra happy and excited when I saw how much nail mail I had waiting for me at home. 

I had placed a few orders before I left and my fella ordered this stamping range from the USA, I knew he had ordered something but I wasn't 100% sure what.

I need to say I was shocked at how quick this arrived, from the USA to the UK in just 5 days! The shipping was $15 (£11.38) which I don't personally think is expensive for international shipping, I have paid almost £30 in the past for shipping from the states.

I have been so excited waiting for this new range to come out, I think that's why the other half knew he had to get them on their release.  But first a little info on the company Twinkled T.

Twinkled T is an amazing company ran buy two sisters in Los Angeles, I have been buying their nail vinyls for a while and their nail powders are just fantastic!  They came out with the first batch of stamping polishes a few months ago and I was blown away by the quality, I was initially going to review them but just never got round to it, that's why I wanted to make sure I reviewed this new bundle.  You can see the first lot of polishes here.

I will try to keep this short and to the point, which will be a first for me if I can!!

I swatched all of the polishes on swatch sticks first and as with the first bundle of polishes I was blown away by the quality.

I am going to show a picture of each polish individually on a swatch stick, but also show how it looks stamped too, hope that made did in my head.

I also used the same image for stamping on each swatch stick, It's from the Twi Star Stamping Plate by Bundle Monster, link is here. I used Naio Nails Air Dry Top Coat 15ml over each swatch stick, link is here.  The stamper I used to pickup each image from the plate was a clear short handle stamper and the link for that is here.  That's all the links out the way...maybe.

If you would like to check out Twi Star's amazing review of this bundle including swatches, that link is here. I think that was the last link, I promise!


 Such a gorgeous baby blue polish, I don't own any other stamping polish in this shade so looking forward to playing  more with it!  I had to do two coats for this polish to be fully opaque. 

 On the picture on the right I have stamped on this polish with the colour Subtweet,  It picked up really easily from the plate but I am a bit of a messy stamper which isn't the fault of the polish, I tend to get it everywhere! But it still stamped beautifully even with my shaky hands.  I put top coat over it after five minutes of drying and it didn't smudge at all

No Filter

Stunning neon green! I was so excited to get this one as I have nothing like it, and it reminds me of limes...I love sticking lime in my gin & tonic so technically it reminds me of booze! I had to do two coats of this polish for it to be fully opaque.  On the right I have used the colour Saucey to stamp over this but my shaky hand kind of cocked it up a little, but as before it wasn't the fault of the polish.

I applied the top coat after waiting for five minutes and got no smudging, to be honest I would usually wait much longer.


I am not the biggest fan of pinks unless you chuck a shitload of shimmer in them, then I am all over it like flies to shit, sorry for that image!  I only had to do one coat of this one to be fully opaque. I did wonder if I applied it a little on the thick side though. I used the purple shade Goals to stamp over this polish and pickup was great.  It stamped perfectly even with my shaky hands, I did get a little smudging from the top coat but it was from me not having a thick amount on the applicator...duh Raych!


I don't like yellow really, I had to just say that! No matter how fabulous this polish is (and it is) it probably won't change my mind, but I love that I now have a yellow stamping polish to play around with. Who knows, it could maybe make me like yellow a little?  This colour needed two coats to be fully opaque.  I stamped over this with the gorgeous baby blue Friyay, pickup was easy and stamped perfectly for me.  I waited five minutes and applied top coat with no smudging.


This was a weird colour for me, reminds me of you think it does? Out of the whole range I think this is a colour I am not sure I like, but saying that I will still use it somewhere! This polish took two coats to be fully opaque. I stamped over this colour with the neon green shade No Filter, as with a couple of the other swatch sticks my hands were a little shaky applying this so the smudging wasn't the fault of the polish.  I applied top coat over this after five minutes with no smudging.


I love purple it's my favourite colour and I tend to gravitate towards it whenever I am doing my nails, in fact I wear it so often that some people think I only own purple polish!  This polish was pretty much opaque on the first coat and I stamped on top of this with the pink polish Bothered.  I did smudge this with my top coat a little, I think I just rushed it as I only left it to dry for a couple of minutes before I put on the top coat, whoops!  It is only a little bit of smudging though and as I have said before it was my fault and not the fault of the polish.  

All sticks swatched, stamped and stuck together! You can see my messy handiwork a little better in this picture.

That's it! Every shade of the new collection swatched and stamped.  I can't wait to play with these more over the next few days, I may even try to do a proper nail art post! 

In my opinion Twinkled T have made some of the best stamping polishes I have ever used, and I have bought a lot of them in the past, I really can't wait for them to release more in the run up to Christmas.  

Have you tried their stamping polishes? Would love to know your thoughts?



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