The Queen of England's Favourite Nail Polish.

Essie Ballet Slippers £7.99 from

Hey everyone!

I have been posting quite frequently and have been loving it! I may post tomorrow too as I have my daughters Babyballet performance and may go all "proud mama on you all!

If you read my blog often you will know its rare that I use nude nail polish, I always go for darker ones especially purple, I adore purple polish with a little holo in it.

My other half bought me this, and when I asked him why he said "It's the Queen of England's favourite!  I thought you would know that Rachel you soft sod!".  So I did a little research and apparantly he was right, it is her favourite polish, in fact it's the only one she will wear!

Ma'am has been wearing it for 28 years, her hairdresser wrote a letter to Essie Weingarten (Essie founder) in 1989 and asked for a bottle.  There are rumours that the Duchess of Cambridge also loves Ballet Slippers and wears it frequently to public events.

So what makes it so special? In my opinion its a gorgeous "your nails but healthier"shade, that might sound weird to some, but it's the same as lipstick some shades are your lips but better.  

This polish is pale pink and really does make your nails look nice and healthy, you will need two coats to make it fully opaque. If you like to wear nail polish to work but don't want anything too bright this is perfect for you. I think the Queen must love this as it's delicate, she wears bright bold colours so she needs a nail polish that doesn't clash with those.

It was quite hard to photograph clearly, my zoom wasn't cooperating.

The formula? It's like most Essie polishes, really good and long lasting as long as you wear a base and top coat.  I am thinking of doing some nail art with this polish involving stamping a black lace design over it? What do you think?

Might even try this as a base then mix droplets of creme polish in while its still wet and mix on the nail with a orange stick?  That might work!

Overall I love this more than I thought I would if I am honest, I have holosexual tendencies that make me look at nudes (and some cremes) with disdain but I can't with this, its to pretty.

Sometimes I think I am terrible with descriptions! How would you describe this polish?

So I finally have something in common with Her Majesty! We both love Ballet Slippers.



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