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Lush Cosmetics Hair Doctor Hot Oil Treatment £6.50 from Lush Cosmetics (In the Lush Kitchen range at the moment)

Hey everyone!

Before I start going on, I am going to try and keep this post short and to the point rather than go on and on, well I will try at least! First of all I am going to give a little history about my history with Hair Doctor before I really say what I think about this new hot oil treatment version, so here we go!

In 2014 I wandered into Lush looking for a hair mask, at the time my scalp was caked in loads of scalp psoriasis but I wasn't looking for a product for that, I was looking for something to condition.  After speaking to a member of staff and just dropping into the conversation casually that I had scalp issues she recommended Hair Doctor, now at this time it came in a tub as it was fresh like the face masks and needed to be stored in the fridge.

So I went home with low expectations if i'm honest and I applied it, a little heavy handed the first time I must admit to my scalp and hair, I left it on longer than they said on the tub and while it was on it felt lovely and refreshing,  I washed it off and did my usual hair washing routine.

Now at that time I would leave my hair to naturally dry due to the amount of damage I had, as I was brushing my hair I noticed that the brush wasn't getting caught in the psoriasis lumps so I ran my fingers over my scalp and was shocked to find that Hair Doctor had removed 90% of my scalp psoriasis on its first go!  I remember crying as I was so happy, anyone who has scalp psoriasis knows what a ball ache it can be, you feel embarrassed as people all think it's dandruff.

So I kept buying Hair Doctor after this, I could usually get 4 to 5 treatments from one tub if I used a colouring brush to apply to my scalp, I recommended this product to literally everyone including my doctor who used it and loved it.

Then after maybe 6 months, Lush stopped stocking it!  I would go in and ask the staff and they would constantly tell me "It will be in soon, just keep coming in" after a while I knew they didn't have a clue.  So I rang their head office and they told me the reason they didn't have Hair Doctor was because they were struggling to get hold of one of the ingredients, and that was that.

I was really upset, you know yourself if you find something that really works and they stop making it, it's shitty.  So I moved on and started using coconut oil, which is really fantastic but would take a good few treatments to work and you need to leave it on for hours or overnight.

Then last year someone posted a comment on my original blog post (link is here) telling me that they had heard in the US that Lush were making Hair Doctor into a hot oil treatment, we had a discussion on how we were not sure it would work but would try it anyway.

After that didn't hear anything again until a two weeks ago when I was randomly browsing on Lush's website and looked at hair treatments, and there is was!  Hair Doctor!  It is under their Lush Kitchen range so I am not 100% sure if Lush are going to add it to their proper range.  I bought it and when it arrived it did smell a little like the old Hair Doctor but I still wasn't sure if it would work the same.

I used a large mug for it.

So making the Hair Doctor hot oil treatment is really easy, get a mug and fill it with boiling water but not all the way to the top as you need room for the treatment and to be able to stir without spilling.

You mix it for just a minute and its done, it looks a little gloppy and thin compared to the old mixture, according to the instructions you can put what you don't use in a sealed container and you can keep it for up to 4 weeks.

This doesn't look like a lot in this pic but I had already started to put it in the tub.

I waited for it to cool and then applied it to my scalp, I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't use that much and it really felt lovely and tingly on my scalp. Now it says to leave it in for 20 minutes but due to running after children I ended up leaving it in for 3 hours!

When I washed it out and combed it, I felt instantly that some of my psoriasis lumps had gone or had been reduced, it worked well, not as quickly as the original Hair Doctor though, I did notice quite a few flakes where it had lifted the psoriasis but not fully removed it.  But overall it did work, if you have a lot of scalp psoriasis I think you will have to do a treatment every day for a few days in order to remove it all, as that is what I am doing at the moment and after 3 days my scalp is almost clear.

One of my worst patches is always behind my ears, the picture on the right is before using Hair Doctor, the left is afterwards. This is just one treatment.

I think this new Hair Doctor treatment is good, not as good as the original but it still works, you just have to be a little more patient with it.  When it comes to cost the original was around £5 and this one is £6.50,  the consistency of this is thinner so I do think you get a little more, but it's not as concentrated.

Oh my.....and I promised a small post.

If anyone who reads this post has any questions about scalp psoriasis please feel free to email me on



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