Isabella's Curlystiltskin Clothing Collection

Love how everything comes packaged from this fab shop!

Hey everyone!

I am doing a post regarding a brand I discovered a few weeks ago called 'Curlystiltskin'. It is a children's clothing brand that also sells toys and books. They really specialise in designs that you won't find in stores. Their book collection is full of great titles that will teach your kids about how people can be different, as well as teaching them about historical figures. They also sell some lovely home items for your kids bedrooms.

I need to give credit to my friend Nicki for introducing me to this brand. After seeing her gorgeous daughter wearing a cute romper I just had to have the same, and the rest is history!

I have had three outfits from Curlystiltskin and love each of them. I tend to order size 4-5 even though Isabella is only 3. So what I then do if they are a little big in the back, is use some ribbon to make the straps a little tighter. You will see pictures of this.

I will put links to each item in the description.

The first outfit is the Floral Tulle Playsuit on sale for £7.20 (link is here)

This was Isabella's first outfit from Curlystiltskin and I adore it. The fabric is really light, which is perfect for really hot days and feels so soft and really just gorgeous..I keep saying that.

The straps on this playsuit have buttons to change the length of the strap (two settings). They attach to the front of the playsuit.

 Isabella has actually worn this to Babyballet a few times in the hot weather and her teacher loved it. The playsuit has three poppers on the bottom so when she needs a wee, she takes it off by pulling the straps down. You can see in the bottom picture that I have used a white ribbon to make the straps a little tighter, as the suit is currently a little big on her.

On the front of the playsuit is a gorgeous embroidered flower pattern. This playsuit comes in black and pink.

The washing instructions say to 'handwash' this item, and I have washed it using the hand wash setting on my washing machine. I've done this twice now and it's still perfect.

The second outfit is the Watermelon Collar Dress on sale for £8 (link is here)

This is my favourite of out of the 3, it's just gorgeous and unique. I have not seen anything like this and when she wore it for the first time I had everyone asking 'where I got it?'

The dress feels wonderfully soft on my daughters skin, lovely and light like the playsuit and it is brilliant for hot weather. I even think you could add a cardigan to this to wear it on cooler days.

The dress is size 4-5 but it's not too long on her. I did worry that it would be at first but it fits just above her knee.  

I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and I plan for Bella to wear this dress a lot. Especially when we visit the pool as I think this dress is perfect to just put on over a swimming costume quickly, as well as when you get out the pool. Easy changing all the way!

The dress washing instructions say to hand wash. Again, I have washed it on the hand washing setting in my washing machine and it came out great.

The third outfit is the Floral Romper on sale for £4.80 (link is here)

This romper just looks adorable on her! I think that's why I added 4 pictures!

Now this floral romper is so pretty. It's almost vintage I think, it has very vintage look. The fit is good but you can see I have to use a ribbon in the back again as it's currently still a little big for her. I did think about getting 3-4 but it would have been too small.

The straps on this romper are similar to the playsuit, except this fastens in the front instead of the back. This romper is a little bit longer than the playsuit, it almost looks like shorts. I also think a long sleeved top or t-shirt could look very cute underneath this. I think you could layer this and add a cardigan and there you go, you can wear it in winter!

I think this romper is so pretty on Bella. I know I keep saying that, I really need a better vocabulary! Really love this fabric and the frilly trim.

The washing instructions for this item are hand wash. But after washing the other 2 items already, I would feel perfectly safe washing this on the hand wash setting of my machine.

That's it! All items done!  I do have a dress coming from Curlystiltskin which will be here soon, as well as a book for Bella which I am really looking forward to reading to her.

I am really in love with this brand. It's different and I love anything different. I can't wait to see the winter range and I am going to bet I will be buying a lot of it!

Please check their website out and their Instagram Curlystiltskin.



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