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Hex-Wash in Bathory £5.99 from Hexbomb

Hey everyone.

Will still be away on holiday when this post goes live. Hopefully the kids are not driving me up the wall by this point.

I don't know where to start on this post, as I don't think I've reviewed a bubble bath or shower gel in a while. So I think I may just start with some brand information.

I discovered Hex Bomb a while back when I saw a picture of their 'Black as your Soul' bath bomb! I needed it bad! I love their bath bombs and how they turn the water into all kinds of colours. But my favourite bomb is one the 'Bathory'. It's the scent and how it looks; like I am bathing in the blood of my enemies! But it has a scent that's a little like cherry flavoured sweets.... 'Delicious!'

When I saw that they were making shower gels and bubble baths I was so excited to get my hands on one! As with everything I have bought from Hex Bomb it arrived quickly.

Though it didn't change the colour of the water as much, maybe only it a little pinkish, the scent was just as lovely as the bath bomb. A little goes a long way with this stuff and I only had to use a very small amount on a scrubber to lather all over.

Now I do have psoriasis on parts of my skin and some shower gels can really aggravate it or dry it. This one didn't do that, but saying that I would really love a Bathory body lotion to go along with this.

You get 150ml in one bottle of Bathory, the other fragrances available are :- Hellfury, Nightmare and Black as your Soul.

I had ran out of Bathory bath bombs when I was writing this post, but I still have my Hex Oil Bathory! Smells fab when you apply it on your wrists and neck straight after a Hex bath.

Overall this stuff smells amazing and didn't dry out my psoriasis. There was a part of me that wouldn't have minded it being bad with my skin, if it smelt the same as the bath bomb! But thankfully it was nice and gentle on my skin.

Hex Bombs and Hex Wash are a fab present for someone who likes things a bit different and maybe are not into Lush so much, well worth a look! Link is at the top of this post.

Have you tried Hex Wash? What are your thoughts?



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