Chester Zoo | Day with Isabella

I was trying to think of a cute or funny caption for this picture but all I can think of is "Wow bee you look so cute but that stuff on your face cost me a fortune!"

Hey everyone!

After my last post being pretty emotional I thought I would follow with a lighthearted one.  But I just want to thank everyone who sent me such lovely messages about it, I can't describe how moved it made me so all I can keep saying is thank you.

Anyway on with the day!  Isabella goes to nursery now and as a end of term treat the school offered reception and nursery kids a few hours in Chester Zoo.  I paid £20 and I think that's a fantastic price for both of us and transport as Chester Zoo is around an hour away in the car, or a 40 minute trip away when your riding a bus driven by a maniac.

We got there around 11 and had to be back by the bus by 13.30, which doesn't give you loads of time but when your with small children I think its long enough on their little legs and my purse.

Bella was hyper once we got in but I wanted to find the lockers after carrying everything I needed in case she got travel sick, and she had the cheek to not actually get sick this time! Typical :)  Lockers were quite expensive but everything is when you go to a place like this, £5 for 4 hours as they didn't do an option for 3.

So once all the shit had been left in the locker we were ready to explore, or in Bella's world run off and let mummy run after you all afternoon! She aimed for the butterfly house and was so excited to see them all flying around above her head.

I will say we did spend a very long time in the butterfly house, we actually went in there twice!  After this we headed towards the monkeys, didn't get many pictures after the butterfly house as running and carrying my phone at the same time was not working out for me, don't think my insurance would cover another dropped phone.

Not the best picture because of the lens flare! Still love your smile Bellabee.

We headed towards the giraffes and I did manage to get a quick pic there, she loved the giraffe babies but proper panicked when she saw the adults!  I'm starting to think she expects animals to be the size of her teddies.

We found some birds she loved giving them MY lunch!

At this point we needed to stop for lunch, we caught up with her teachers for lunch which was lovely, when she found some birds dancing around trying to get every ones lunch she took one of my sandwiches and threw it at them, when I asked if she was going to give them her lunch too she said "Don't be silly mummy".

After returned.

We started heading towards the lions and tigers but on the way she spotted it!  The one thing she wanted above everything else!! She spotted the face painting shed!!!! 

It was hard to capture this moment as she was dragging me into the building.  Thankfully there was only one person in front and we were waiting for 5 minutes, Bella wanted a butterfly in pink and purple.  I have to admit it was so cute to watch because at one point when she shut her eyes to get the makeup applied I thought she had fallen asleep!


Once it was all done I paid £ she has had her face painted in other places and its never been this expensive, I feel for parents with multiple children coming here for this, yes it was lovely but they are already charging a small fortune for you to visit this lovely zoo, I don't need to feel like I'm getting bled dry every 100 metres!  Sorry about that rant!

Looking for more places to spend mummy's money...

After the face painting we never actually got to see the lions and the tigers and Bella didn't seem too bothered about it, after this I decided to slow walk towards the entrance, this is a huge zoo so it can take a while to walk across it.  In that time we saw the elephants, rhinos, meerkats and the aquarium, oh Bella loved that aquarium..

Bella took the last picture, I think she did a good job!  We hunted for Nemo and she was so excited when she spotted him, was hard to explain why he couldn't come home with us, I blamed the cat.

Was a very hot day at the zoo.

After a little bit of confusion with mummy being crap at reading a map, we finally found the penguins, I do love Chester Zoo's penguin display, being able to see in the water through the glass is fantastic, spent a little while here.

Bella was starting to get really tired at this point so I carried her to the entrance but then she spotted something....something that made me groan, probably one of the most popular things at the zoo, the gift shop.

I went in thinking, just one little thing, just one little thing...
In the end she got two teddies and a book, not too bad, it did cost £25 though but I was prepared for the gift shop and had budgeted for it.

After getting her teddies Bella just ran out of steam, I got her on the bus assuming she would fall asleep but surprisingly she stayed awake for the whole trip home!  She did have a fabulous day and I'm going to make a little thank you card to her teachers for it.

I know I moan a little about money in this post, I know the zoo needs to make money and I understand that, I just don't like it being shoved down my throat so much.  I have been to Chester Zoo probably 50 times in my whole life, but never felt so pressured to spend as I did on that day with my daughter.

Sorry for the mammoth post guys, I kind of went of on one!

Have you been to Chester Zoo? How do you feel about the cost of everything?



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