Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Runway

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Runway £6.99 from

Hey everyone!

Been a few days since my last post. I am packing to go on a family holiday. Just going to a Haven in Wales for a few days with the kids, the signal is crap so I will be without internet for days!!

I wanted to get this review out before I left so lets get into it! I have had hits and misses with Barry M makeup, always loved their nail polishes but their makeup can be a little iffy sometimes, except for this!

I wasn't actually going to buy this until I came back from holiday, but the other half actually came home with it as a surprise! In this kit you get both a liquid lipstick and a lip liner. The idea has been taken from the Kylie Lip Kits, and I do own one of those too, with massive price difference though! Barry M Lip Kit costs £6.99 and a Kylie Lip Kit costs £22.32 (at current exchange rates).

Lip Liner in Runway

The lip liner...

I personally don't use a lot of lip liner. Maybe on the odd night out, but sometimes I find them a little hard and it puts me off, but this one is soft and easy to use. I have filled in my lips with this and just worn that alone and then used it with the liquid lipstick too. I find my lipstick lasts longer when I use this and I find I don't have the lipstick bleeding too! Really fabulous liner, it glided on with no pulling and it felt so soft and thankfully it didn't crumble! Most soft ones usually do on me.

Left is just applied, right is drying down.

The liquid lipstick...

Let's get on to the liquid lipstick. When I first applied this I noticed how thin the lip paint is. It's not thick like some other budget liquid lipsticks, or even some high end ones. Just because the formula is thin, it doesn't mean it's not pigmented. This stuff is 'full on' opaque after the first swipe! Also, another advantage to the formula being thin is it dries down quite quickly. It doesn't feel dry and is comfortable to wear.

As for longevity, it's not 'bulletproof' but does last well. If you're eating, drinking or even kissing a lot you will need to reapply. But you get that with most liquid lipsticks.

When I applied this at 9 in the morning, I didn't have to really reapply till around 12. But that was because I was eating. It does tend to fade in the centre but I think that was because it's not a thick cream formula. You don't get weird fading patches with this, thankfully cough *Lime Cime* cough!

Now other shades can have a slightly different formula, so other ones may not wear like this one. But for the price I can't wait to try them all and see.

As for the colour of this lip kit, I don't tend to gravitate towards red shades, even though they look good on me as its more of a confidence issue.  So I was surprised that my fella got this one!  It is a antique pinky red shade (thank my mum for that description). Looks fantastic on!  

Overall I am in love with this Lip Kit. Brilliant price and excellent formula, well worth a try.



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