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Isabella was so excited for today!

Hey everyone.

It has been a really busy day but I wanted to get this post done before I collapse into bed.  If you follow me on Instagram my daughter Isabella goes to Babyballet, well today was her year end show and it will be the first one she has done so we decided to make the effort and go.   

I know that must sound bad saying "make the effort". I will say getting to this show for someone who doesn't drive was very expensive and awkward, it was a total of 22 miles away from our home!

It cost us £30 in taxis and train fare, and then you add the tickets which were £8 per person, I do feel a little guilty for saying it was overpriced, but I think if there are kids who can just afford the fees for Babyballet, they should take this in consideration when pricing the tickets for these shows.

We did have a fun on our journey, my friend Jenny came along with us..

Bella was being a diva on the train.

We left our house around 1 and got to Southport the first part of out journey around 1.40, we had some time to kill so we ended up in Primark!  We managed to sneak in a quick coffee too.

This is Jenny looking at my double espresso with disdain!

We had to get Isabella to the show for 15.10 so she could get changed, we grabbed a taxi and at this point I was proper shitting myself that Bella would puke all over the car as she has a history with travel sickness!!

Thankfully arrived without any puke! Got Bella all signed in then we went to find some seats, Jenny spotted two quite close to the front but after a few minutes we were both getting squashed on either side by lady trying to talk to someone behind her and practically sitting on Jenny's knee, to me having a rather large gentleman poking my sides with his elbows! I think in the end we just focused on the show!!

Now I was going to post a few videos from the show but as they contain lots of other children I don't feel that I can, I will post a picture of Bella's bumble bee costume!

Little poser!

The show was brilliant, I didn't expect them to do so much dancing as a lot of them are only 3.  It lasted an hour with so much variation to it, the teachers were amazing as was Flutterstar and Twinkle and Teddy. I was so proud of Bella! I was crying but trying to hide it from everyone! I would say if your child is going to Babyballet classes, do the show at least once, its really fantastic!

Afterwards once we got outside Bella spotted the Babyballet car!

"Mummy, I am sure Miss Jennifer will let us borrow her car?!

Once I let Bella know we couldn't take the car we were able to jump in another taxi and head to the train station, no puke on the way there either!  Got on the train and we got home around 17.45 ish, I think me and Jenny expected Bella to fall asleep on the way home but she was wide awake, might be all the sweets I gave her.

Overall this was a nice experience and watching my daughter on stage was amazing, would I go again? not if they made it so far away as it has cost a lot of money.  If it was closer I would go again because it was a really great show and is a brilliant experience for kids.

Big thank you to Jenny for putting up with my stressed arse!



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