Sugarpill Cosmetics Trinket Liquid Lipstick

Sugarpill Cosmetics Trinket Liquid Lip Colour £15.95 from Cocktail Cosmetics.

Hey everyone! I'm still not feeling good but really wanted to get this post out, plus it keeps my mind of the pain which is great.

I love Sugarpill Cosmetics, I love how it's really against animal testing shows that on their various social media platforms, I also love that the owner is cat mad like me.  I also love how colourful the company is too, their website is like an explosion of colour! 

I own a eyeshadow palette from Sugarpill which I bought at IMATS London in 2014 it's their pro palette with so many bright colours in it!  I actually did a post about that one a long time ago!  I think it was one of my first posts.

I was so excited when I found that Sugarpill was releasing liquid lipsticks, their first one is called Kimchi,a really nice light purple but I didn't think it would suit me, then I spotted Trinket!! Not only do I adore the colour it is when you apply it, but I also love the golden shimmer it gives you when you rub a finger lightly over your lip or rub your lips together.

Left swatch is how it applies, right is after you rub it a little.

When I first opened this liquid lip, one of the first things that hit me was the scent, it's not overpowering it's gorgeous! Smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange.  The scent goes when you apply it so if you do not like heavily scented makeup you will like this.

The formula feels really light on my lips when I first apply it, it's pretty much one swipe coverage and the doe foot applicator makes application really easy, I am able to really apply this with precision.

It takes a minute or so to fully dry down and then your good to go!  One thing I love doing once it has dried down is rubbing the middle of my lips to bring the gold out, looks so pretty like that.

I am hoping Sugarpill release more and more liquid lipsticks, really do love the formula and the colours. 

Have you tried Sugarpill?? What did you think?



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