Cirque Colors Vice 2017 Collection..

Cirque Colors 2017 Vice Collection, £10.00 per bottle, available at Rainbow Connection

Hey everyone!

Sorry it's been a few weeks since I last posted, I've had septic tonsillitis and it completely knocked me out!  Didn't stop me buying new nail polish though did it heehee!

I admit I do have an addiction to buying indie nail polish. Now if you've read my blog before that isn't much of a revelation. I am currently on my third "no buy" of the month.....probably be on my fourth soon, ooops!

This collection is a new one from Cirque Colors, it's all gorgeous summery colours plus a holographic top coat too. Cirque is one of my favourite indie brands. They make really beautiful polishes in all different finishes. My overall favourite from Cirque is one called Halcyon, a gorgeous golden flakie.

I buy most of my indie polishes from a website called Rainbow Connection. They have a fantastic range from brands you wouldn't otherwise get in this country and without it I probably would have paid a fortune in postage and customs fees! 

I don't want to make this post too long and boring, so I'll just post the picture and give a brief description of each polish underneath.

'Kushy' is a gorgeous bright green that glows when you look at it. This colour would look amazing with a tan I think, I might try it on a friend who is always tanned. This polish is opaque in two coats and you don't need a white polish underneath it to make it pop.

'One Night Stand' is a gorgeous blue with a hint of purple. I have worn this once and it looks really beautiful with the holo top coat over it.I want to try a holo powder over this one and see what it turns into!  This polish takes two coats to be fully opaque.

This gorgeous pink is called 'Socialite'. I don't usually go for pinks as I tend to gravitate towards darker colours but this gorgeous baby pink just pulled me in! This takes two coats to be fully opaque.

This colour is 'Game Over'. It is so stunning and would look amazing with a tan. I would describe this colour as tangerine and grapefruit mixed together with red paint. Just reminds me of fruit when I look at it. This polish actually took three coats to be fully opaque, I don't know if it was just how I applied it or not.

This irresistible orange is called 'Extra'. When I look at this one I see ice pops and starburst's. A brilliant summery colour that (like most of this range) will look amazing with a tan.  When I first tried this polish I half expected it to smell like oranges too! This polish was opaque in two coats.

Now this one is my favourite of the bunch! This is called 'Fame' and its a pretty bluey green colour. This shade reminds me so much of Fortnums & Mason. For all those scratching your head at that, it's a posh grocery shop in London that uses this colour in it's bags. Apparently the queen shops there..ooh I could do Fortnums themed nails now I have this colour!  This took two coats to be fully opaque.

And finally we reach the holographic top coat!  This one is called 'We Trippy!' Such a cute name! In the swatch above I applied two coats and shined a light on it so you can see the "holo" better. So far I have only used this over the blue (One Night Stand) and on the swatch stick, it's really pretty. A single coat will give you a light holo shimmer and two makes it more pronounced, especially in the sunlight you will see all the rainbows. 

 I really like this top coat. At first I didn't think I would as I own quite a few and it didn't look any different than them. My favourite holo top coat is one by F.U.N Lacquer called Diamond. We Trippy isn't as intense as that one, I would say its a lot more disperse. I think you could wear this one alone, but would take I think at least three coats.

That's all of them!  I didn't bore you too much hopefully! Maybe you were distracted by all the gorgeous colours, I know I lost my concentration a few times looking at them, especially the holo! I am a holo magpie....

Overall I am loving this new summer collection, Cirque make amazing quality nail polish and they really do come up with unique colours too.  I love using Cirque polishes for stamping too and can't wait to have a go at stamping with this latest collection, oh imagine some of these bright colours over a black base (squeals with delight heehee)

Hope you've liked this post, please comment below what you think about the colours and what combinations you think would be good for stamping.



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