Isabella's Homework | Bean Plant Diary!

"This may have my name on mummy but it's you who is doing all the work"

Another day another post about my daughter!  I do actually have two boys but getting them to participate in anything that isn't World Of Warcraft or Pokemon takes a lot of effort, and cash.

Isabella has been going to a local nursery for just over eight months now and she loves it, she goes for two full days a week and one half day, she always comes home covered in paint and Play Doh and sometimes with another child's socks and cardigan on, but that's just kids....isn't it?  Please tell me it's not just my daughter who comes home like this?!?

She has been given her first real homework this week, we have been given a "bean plant" (whatever the fuck that is, I'm not a gardener!) in a plastic cup that contains lots of soil and a real instructions were given at the hand off and the diary is completely blank with no instructions!  I know what they want me to do really (I assume!) they want Bella to draw the plant growing and maybe try to write a few words.

"I wonder what this stuff tastes like....maybe I should feed it to the kitty"

That's all well and good but when my daughter holds a pencil she isn't going to draw a plant, shes going to draw a person with a large head and a massive nose!  So you know exactly whats going to happen with this homework....its going to be left to me to do, schools are taking the piss now!  Once my kids are in bed I don't want to be sat doing homework, I want to be sat eating pickles and watching Netflix!

I probably shouldn't be sarcastic or making jokes because someone somewhere will take me seriously and be like "What an awful mother!".  Not that I would care really, don't mind people judging my parenting, I have loads who do that already...I'm joking :)

I think I just needed a good rant about schools giving toddlers homework, feeling calmer now it's off my chest...that and the Gin & Tonic I'm drinking! Still not got a clue what to do with this Bean Plant Diary, if any of you have done this with your kids I would love your advice on this one, and before anyone asks, I have not asked the teachers in the nursery as I didn't want to appear stupid, that may be unavoidable though.

"Don't even try to feed me that stuff!"

I really do need to plan this homework out and research it more, find out how long this bloody plant takes to grow then figure out a way of getting Bella to not draw people with fat heads and draw a cup with mud in it!  Oh it's going to be such fun...

" You know what mummy? you love every minute"
"I do Bee, I do"

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