Isabella's Bow Collection | Mummy Hates JoJo Bows

Isabella's modelling skills at 3 are better than mine at 35!

If you are a parent to a girl you will probably have heard about JoJo Bows, if are very lucky!  JoJo Bows are a giant 8 inch (ish) bow designed by a girl called Jojo Siwa, I think her claim to fame is she appeared a few times on Dance Moms or a show related to that.  She is known to wear a giant bow on her head all of the time so I guess it made sense to whoever is managing her to come out with her own range of bows (in partnership with Claire's) and as with most things marketed to young girls, it became an instant success!

You can buy JoJo Bows here in the UK at Claires (link here) and they can range in price starting at £7 for the smaller bows up to £10 for the full size ones, she also sells "organizers" for between £12 and £16!

When I first went into Claire's to have a look at the JoJo Bows I really didn't expect to see such extortionate prices, I was shocked because all these bows really are is a bit of ribbon made into a bow (duh!) with a clip glued on the back, but somehow while I was in that store I had managed to pick one up and take it to the cashier, thankfully for me Isabella said "Mummy I don't want this now"  just before I got robbed, sorry I mean paid for it.  We managed to leave the store without buying anything in the end and Bellabee settled for an ice cream.

My modelling is spot on mummy!

After the drama of the visit to Claire's I decided to do what every other parent has probably done...let's see if I can get it cheaper on EBay!  Unfortunately the answer is no, a very loud NO in fact!  EBay opens up more choice as it shows people selling "rare" JoJo Bows too, what the actual fuck makes a hair bow rare?  I understand it comes down to not being able to be purchased anymore but if the bow is rare your not going to let your kid wear it are you?  Will you keep it on a shelf to make sure it stays in pristine bow condition? All I can picture is people who keep their Star Wars toys in boxes...but it's bows!

You will probably think that I didn't get pulled into the JoJo Bow hole (maybe should trademark that) because of the way I am talking about them, but you are wrong, I got robbed mate. 

My little girl saw all the JoJo Bows I was checking out on EBay and she spotted one in particular, a gorgeous rainbow bow, and that was it, she did what all 3 year old girls do when they want their own way, she kicked off until I bought it for her!

So my daughter became the proud owner of a JoJo bow and my bank account was £12.95 lighter, but it was worth it to see my daughter smile....I'm sorry I really did laugh out loud reading that back to myself then.

Look at that side eye....Scouse Bird would be proud.

My daughter wore her JoJo Bow to school until I was pulled aside nicely by her nursery teacher and asked if I could not put in her hair again for school, I had heard that quite a few schools had banned the JoJo Bow, I'm not surprised really as they are very distracting and I think any parent who's daughter has lost their bow is going to come in and kick off about it, especially at that price.

I know your looking at all these pictures of my daughter and your thinking, "If she hates bows so much why is her daughter covered in them" well I found a local shop that sells them in the same size for less than £4 each and also my next door neighbour will make any colour or design you ask for, most of the bows on Bellabee were made either by Jenny (my neighbour) or from my local ribbon shop. 

Well once I found my suppliers I went mad with bow fever and tried to get as many as I could!  I had created a problem though! Where do I store all of these bows?  I just got Isabella to rob one of her daddy's ties and we pinned the top to the top of the bookshelf and we hang all the bows off that, it stops them getting flattened.

For anyone that would like to know, Isabella currently has 20 bows, I have a few more on order from Jenny my neighbour. If your a mum or dad who wants to find cheaper alternatives to JoJo Bows maybe try your local ribbon shop first as they usually make some of their own, EBay does cheaper bows too in fact the market is flooded now and its fantastic!  Or you can bite the bullet and try and make them yourself, its always worth a try!

I've wanted to make this post for a while but thought nobody would really be interested about me ranting about overpriced bows!  But its made me feel better and if I can put one person off buying one of those pieces of crap I'll be a happy woman!



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