Flowerchild Cosmetics | New Brand On The Way

I was sent two shades to test, they don't have names yet but as they have just launched an Instagram I bet they will soon!

You may be thinking to yourself, "Why is she showing us a liquid lipstick we can't buy yet?" and your right, I probably shouldn't be making a post about these buuut...I really loved them and wanted to just do a quick post so you can look up the brand on social media, so far I think they only have a Instagram, I probably should have researched this more, but it's 1 am here and I still have to wash my hair....

In the summer of 2016 I was sent an email from a company asking me to do a survey about what I really wanted from a liquid lipstick, now I get surveys and ads and shit like that sent to me all the time and I at first I wasn't going to fill it in, but after getting pissed off testing out several shit liquid lipsticks one after the other I wanted to let a company know what I wanted in one!  My poor lips at this time from all the testing, they looked like I had been using sandpaper on them.

So I filled it out and added "extra notes" about what I would like then sent it off, didn't really expect anything from it to be honest so I was very surprised a couple of months later to get an email of the company asking if I wanted to test some samples of their liquid lipsticks, I said yes please!  Well actually it was more like YES YES PRETTY PLEASE! After that I didn't hear anything again, so I assumed I mustn't have been accepted for the testing...

Now here we are in 2017 and I had completely forgotten about the testing until I got an email from the company, now called Flowerchild Cosmetics, asking if I still wanted to test out their liquid lipsticks and what shades would I like, I could choose two.  So after a quick think I chose a mauve and a red.

I was also given a questionnaire to fill out once I had the lipsticks and had tested them out, the company also wanted me to send any pictures I had took of myself wearing the lipsticks, which was fine.  Once I saw they had an Instagram I tagged them in the pictures I had taken too.

These liquid lipsticks dry down so quick!

So after another ten days or so the liquid lipsticks finally arrived!!!  They came in two little tubs and the company sent two doe foot applicators with them.

I used the mauve shade first, and I was surprised how light this felt on my lips and so opaque in one coat, with some liquid lipsticks I find with some darker colours you have to go in "lightly" a second time just to fill in any patchy bits, which if done too heavy...can be a clumpy disaster!

This dried down quickly and when I kissed the back of my hand it didn't budge one bit.  The only thing I didn't really like was the scent, it was quite strong when I opened the little jar, but saying that once it had dried down I couldn't smell it anymore, I couldn't really describe the smell, it was just perfumed.

Here is me wearing their mauve shade...

I wore this most of the day, I did have to touch it up a couple of times, after eating especially....well I did have to eat a MacDonalds!  I think most liquid lipsticks don't like greasy food anyway!  This was a bit of a bugger to remove though, I used coconut oil in the end as the micellar water didn't seem to be removing it all, I think in the end any oil would remove this, it wouldn't have to be coconut oil.

Now on to the red....

Eeek!  My foundation had oxidized in the picture...ooooops! 

The red liquid lipstick is exactly the same formula as the mauve, light on the lips and easy to apply, opaque in one coat and dried down quickly, as with the mauve I wasn't too keen on the scent, but as with the other shade you can't smell that once it dried down.  

Removal was a bugger with this one too! You would have thought I would have gone straight to the oil this time but no,  Rachel needs to keep trying other stuff! Oil works the best for this hands down, do not use baby wipes unless you want have lips like pennywise from IT.

I have now sent off all my questionnaires and pictures to Flowerchild Cosmetics and I am looking forward to seeing this brand go live, they did say this may not be their final formula for their liquid lipsticks but I am hoping they don't change much, maybe the scent hint hint!

As I said at the start of the post I was sent these to test, they didn't ask me to advertise it or anything like that.

I would really love to know what your favourite liquid lipstick brand is? Mine is Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Kylie Cosmetics but I hate paying through the nose!  Would love to find some really good budget ones.  I feel like I have tried a lot of crap ones that did nothing but flake off and dry out my lips. Please someone show me some goodies!

Flowerchild Cosmetics Instagram link is here



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