Aveeno Baby! Buy it while it's on offer!

Aveeno Baby range, available in most supermarkets and chemists, I paid £2.98 for each of the products here, that is an offer price so get it while you can!  I have only seen this on offer in Asda and Superdrug but I have not been anywhere else so it could be on offer in other stores.

It's been a busy week since my last post!  Loads of bits and bobs with the kids as well as attempting to keep the house clean and tidy, feel like I am failing there to be honest!

Anyway I'll stop moaning and get on with the post!  I have had my eye on this range for a while but it has always been (in my opinion) overpriced, there are 7 items in the Aveeno Baby range and 5 of them have been reduced in price.  I have bought all of the reduced price items but I am only showing 3 of the items like the picture above as I can't seem to find the other two, I hope a family member hasn't decided to "borrow" them!

My daughter Isabella has very dry skin and she tends to scratch it and she can break the skin when she does that, I feel so sorry for her, I have even put socks on her hands of a night to try and stop it but that's not working.  She was prescribed Oilatum cream and bath oil, they got rid of the dryness initially, but it never seemed to clear it completely.

After a few more months of getting frustrated at Oilatum I decided to look elsewhere, I did spot the Aveeno range as well as the Aveeno baby range, and if I am honest both were out of my price range, just couldn't justify spending £12 on a bottle of cream, especially when we were struggling, this is when my fairy godmother stepped in (my mum) and bought it for me!

First night I used Aveeno Moisturising Cream on Isabella was fantastic, the cream just soaked in straight away and she didn't try to scratch it once.  A couple of days later I was in Asda walking down the baby isle and I spotted the Aveeno Baby range, they had reduced most of it to £3!!!!  I might have let out a little shriek as I did get a few funny looks from people...

After spotting that in Asda I bought the 3 items you see in the above picture, then when I was walking through Superdrug I saw the range on offer for £2.98 each! So I bought it all again to make sure I had stocked up!

Now I know the Aveeno Baby range isn't exactly like the normal Aveeno but it has most of the same properties especially the colloidal oatmeal, there is a difference in fragrance as the baby range has a soft but pleasant fragrance, which reminds me of baby powder.

Wow Raych!  You have made this post so long already! Even without talking about the products themselves! I'll give a short description about each of the products

Aveeno Baby Baby Hair & Body Wash 300ml

This stuff is so gentle but does cleanse well too, I find my daughters hair is soft and really easy to comb after washing it with this, I also use it on my sons hair and he loves the fragrance, smells like of baby powder (a reoccurring theme for this range).  I have also used this as a body wash on my daughter and on myself and my skin felt clean and soft afterwards.

Aveeno Baby Baby Gentle Wash 500ml

This stuff is like a watery gel, it has the same baby powder fragrance as most things in this range.  Now because I have the other wash (Hair & Body Wash) I tend to use this as a "bubble bath" and it has worked really well for that. But I have also used it as a wash and it's great but I am going to stick with using it as a bubble bath, you do get some bubbles but not loads.  This product is soap free.

Aveeno Baby Baby Moisturising Lotion 150ml

This stuff is fabulous, non greasy and soaks in like a dream,  it has the same baby powder fragrance, my daughters skin feels soft and not itchy at all after using it, if there is only one thing you are going to buy from this range, this moisturiser should be it!  I have even used this on my face, and it really helped with the psoriasis patches I have.

Right that's everything I have with me!  As I said I did have more but they have disappeared!  You know I am going to find them in the dolls house or somewhere else random like that.

My daughter decided she wanted to pose with some of the Aveeno Baby and a random orange car!

You don't have to be a baby to try any of this range, if you have dry, itchy or irritated skin you need to give Aveeno and Aveeno Baby a try, this stuff is gentle enough to be used on newborns.

I bought all of this myself while it was on offer at the time of this post, if any of you have bought this range please comment below and tell me what your thoughts are?



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