Nail Polishes of the Week! Barry M Blue Grape & Max Factor Dazzling Blue

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in 14 Dazzling Blue (£4.99 at & Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Blue Grape (£1.99 on offer at not sure they will be selling this one for much longer, so get it while you can)

I ordered the Barry M polish a week or two ago after seeing it on a friend on Instagram, he actually told me it was a cult classic from Barry M and as usual I had no clue, never seem to know which polishes are cult favourites! Well I know of the beautiful Unicorn Pee, but that's it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this polish for £1.99 on Barry M's website, I had seen it on Amazon too but it was £12 there! So I ordered 3 of them from Barry M in the end.  I found the Max Factor one by accident while I was looking for an extra bottle Fantasy Fire, which is Max Factor's cult classic based on the infamous "Unicorn Pee" Clarins 230 nail polish!

But alas it wasn't there.  So after spotting Dazzling Blue I thought this would look amazing over the blue and green polishes I own, once I got home I decided to use the new Barry M Blue Grape with it, and here are the results...

My cuticles are a little flooded as the Max Factor polish felt a little runny but other than that this really applied beautifully, I did 2 coats of Barry M Blue Grape and one of Dazzling Blue.  
Under direct light the shift in this is incredible, you get blues, greens as well as a hint of purple, it looks lovely in the sun too, I was so gutted that I didn't have my phone on me for that one, I must have looked like a right idiot for just staring at my nails constantly.

I have not tested the longevity of this polish as I tend to change polishes after a maximum of two days anyway, but I would imagine it would last 4-6 days with my usual Barry M Sunset Top Coat, and maybe a few days longer with my Superchic Lacquer Marvel Top Coat.

After using 2 of the Max Factor Max Effects polishes, I now want to get the rest of the range and test them with more colours, they really do give beautiful and unique finishes.

Have you used either polish and what did you think? Also I am going to be doing a watermarbling post soon and would love any of your suggestions.



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