Nail Polish of the Week! Femme Fatale Cerulean Views

Femme Fatale Cerulean Views, I bought this at Rainbow Connection as it is a store exculsive.  It is out of stock at the moment but will be restocked soon.

I have decided that I am going to commit to doing posts about my nail polishes weekly, I do tend to change my polish around three times a week!  Would you like to hear about it that often though?

This polish is a gorgeous blue thermal, I never used to like thermals, I always thought they were a bit of a fad but that was when I had very short nails and when I did use a thermal polish there wasn't any contrasts in colour.  But it is a totally different story now my nails have grown!  Just look..

This was taken after 4 days of wear!  You can't get better light than sunlight.

It's hard to describe this polish and people have taken much better swatches than me, but I will try my best to give it a adequate description!

It's a light blue polish in the bottle with little flakes of silver and blue with a hint of holographic glitter, once it's on your nails the warm part of your nails turn a light blue and when it gets cold it turns a darker shade of blue, which you can just see a hint of on my fingers.

I have used two coats of Barry M Wetset Top Coat, I always use two coats to make sure I have wrapped tips properly.

I did three coats to get this finish, I have found other thermals to be the same which might be due to the formula in order to make it thermal....or I might just be talking out of my arse!

This picture was taken in normal moody British sunlight.

Overall I have loved wearing this polish and I've been asked by quite a few people what I am wearing and where I got it! I have even gone to lengths to hide it from my more light fingered relatives.  

Thankfully the amazing Annette who runs Rainbow Connection (link above) has told me she is getting this restocked soon so I will be purchasing a few!  I am not sharing her website because she has given me free stuff (believe me if she had I think I would be kissing her arse on a daily basis!)  I am sharing it because it is where I buy 90% of my indie nail polishes, I love the range on her website and I love all the loyalty points I get too!

I can't wait to buy more thermals from Femme Fatale when they are released, I have my eye on one called Fontanne right now...



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