Lush Cosmetics Makeup...Feeling Younger Skin Tint and Light Yellow Colour Supplement.

Little jar on the left is Feeling Younger Skin Tint £12 from and on the right is Light Yellow Colour Supplement £9.95 from

You know when you put off writing a review about something? Well I have really sat on my hands about this makeup from Lush.  I am a self confessed Lushie!!  I adore nearly everything they make and when I purchase something from them, rightly or wrongly I expect to like it and I expect it to be brilliant.  Of course there are some bits from Lush that I don't like and one day I should make a list, it would probably surprise me if I got all of it down.

Anyway I will stop going on and start this review, I am going to start with the item I do like which is the Feeling Younger Skin Tint.  I find the best way to describe this stuff is to say it's pretty much identical to MAC Strobe cream, I've even done a side by side swatch...

On the left is MAC Strobe Cream on the right is Feeling Younger.

I really love this stuff, a little goes a long way and it looks so gorgeous on my skin, reflects the light beautifully!  It has a little golden hint to it compared to the white tone with MAC Strobe cream.  You can add this to your moisturizer too which gives a lovely brightness to your skin, it looks stunning under and over foundation.

As for texture, its a little thinner than MAC Strobe cream, it does sit on you skin a little, just a slight tackiness for a bit but after a little while you don't feel it anymore, not sure if that's because you get used to it, but I think that it would only bother you if you were covering your whole face with the stuff straight out of the jar instead of mixing a little with moisturizers.

You get 20g of product and you really do only need a very small amount, I tend to use a concealer brush when applying this directly to my face, just a little above my cheekbones then I put a powder highlighter over it and you get a "OH MY GOD that glow" look.

There are so many ways to use this stuff it truly is a multi use product, I did experiment with it over some lip balm, I don't think it worked really in that way but maybe a small amount over a matte lip? Maybe in the middle of the lips? Worth a try.

That gorgeous golden sheen, I think I will use this stuff up rather quickly.

Just want to add before I move on to their "foundation" that the use by date 14/05/18.

I had such big expectations for this "foundation"...

Now it was this "colour supplement" that I was hesitant to review, personally I really didn't like it and I have seen some bad reviews for the stuff, but being the ultimate lushie I really didn't want to give it a bad review so I wore it more and more thinking I would grow to love it, and I didn't.  I did read the reviews on Lush's website and they are mostly 4 and 5 star, I was gobsmacked!  

 Lush have said this gives light coverage, it gave me no coverage...

I really shouldn't call this a foundation, Lush never says it is really, so if I do say it in this post its only because I don't know what else to call it and colour supplement sounds weird, but alas I think that's what I have to call it.  Lush promised so much with this product...

Warm, medium skin tones will look great undercover with this secret weapon: a versatile base that brings a lovely glow to your face. We blend in the pigment to a cream base of gentle rose petal infusion, which helps to reduce redness, vitamin E-rich rice bran oil for adding moisture, and titanium dioxide to help protect the skin from the sun. Mix a little with your favourite moisturiser and apply to clean skin evenly.
(taken from

I wanted to paste that from their website because I wanted to remind myself what Lush had promised, maybe I was clinging on to a last straw that I had used this stuff wrong, I think I'm starting to make this stuff sound like poison!  Get on with it Raych!

When I first applied this stuff I put dots of it all over my face, like you would with a normal foundation.  I used my big blending brush to well...blend it in.  After application I expected to look at my face and go wow! I look fantastic and refreshed, but when I looked, I saw no real changes, nothing. No real coverage, no glow..nothing.

Then I felt my face, it felt a little greasy and heavy, almost like I had applied 3 coats of studio fix foundation!  It never soaked in, whenever my hands touched my face I could feel it. 

But I soldiered on, thinking my skin would get used to it and transform and then it would look fab.  After doing this for a week my skin had transformed...I had gone from no spots to 5!  That's when I stopped using it altogether.

Like the Younger Skin, you get 20g of product and the use by date is 13/05/18.

So the only review I can give this colour supplement is a bad one, I feel so bad for saying that as I love Lush so much but I hated the stuff, I've tried it in every way there possibly is, on its own and mixed with moisturizer and every time I ended up with loads of spots!  

Its not put me off completely from buying Lush's makeup line, probably wont buy a colour supplement again though...

Have you tried their makeup? Would love to know what you thought of it, good or bad.



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