Knight & Wilson Style Freedom Products.

Knight & Wilson Style Freedom Hair Detox Kit £5.32, Heat Shield £5.32, Rejuvenating Vitamin Oil £5.32 all of these prices are offer prices.  All links will be at the bottom of this post.

I don't usually do reviews of hair products as its rare that I introduce anything new to my routine.  I actually won a competition on Instagram to receive some of Knight & Wilson's Style Freedom range. I won everything that is pictured above, I also won their Detangler (link here) but I have used that up already on my daughters hair, it did the job but that's all I can really say about that.

Lets start shall we..

This is a two part system that removes all the product build up from your hair, the first part is called a Purifier and the second is the Revitaliser.  

There are some lovely ingredients in this treatment, Green Tea, Citrus, Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

This system does work I can't deny that and my hair does feel lovely afterwards, I just think its the same as a clarifying shampoo which is a little cheaper than this system.

The shampoo I use is the TRESemme Cleanse & Renew Deep Cleansing Shampoo, I leave it on for 5 minutes and I feel like all the build up had been removed.  I do like this system and will keep using it till it runs out, but I doubt I will repurchase as I can get something that works the same or at least very similar cheaper.

I love this spray, it's a heat shield like it says on the bottle which is great if you do a lot of styling.  It also has ingredients that are amazing for your hair like Vitamin A and Bamboo Extract, it's not got silicone in which means you don't get that weird "coated" feeling in your hair after a couple of days.

I apply this to wet hair and brush through, blow dry and then straighten it, I find this holds my style too for a couple of days and leaves my hair really shiny. I really love this stuff and will be purchasing it when I run out.

Now this is my favourite product from the Style Freedom range, it really transformed my newly bleached dry ends into silk.  It's a weird constancy for an oil, it feels wet almost, I did press the dispenser a little hard and it came shooting out..that sounds a little perverted!

This oil strengthens hair, has Vitamins A and E, UV protection and anti oxidants, makes your hair shine but not look greasy.  I so love how this oil makes my hair feel, really does feel like silk. Love it!

Well that's it, hopefully I have been thorough but not gone on and on!  I do love a couple of things from this range and they have been brilliant for my hair, Knight & Wilson have other bits and bobs in their Style Freedom system that I really want to try out soon, so hopefully I will have more to review soon!

Link to TRESemma Cleanse & Renew Deep Cleansing Shampoo is here

Link for the Knight & Wilson Style Freedom Range is here:-



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