Hex Bombs!

My current Hex Bomb stash! Here is a link to look at them all bellamuerteclothing.bigcartel.com

This has been a post I've wanted to do for a while as I adore my Hex Bombs, but just didn't know how to do it.  I did think of giving each bath bomb a little description but there are a couple I've not tried, so I will give a little description on each one I have tried and go from there.

I started buying Hex Bombs at Christmas after seeing them on a friends Instagram.  I love anything bath bomb related and I used to buy a tonne of Lush ones until my skin started to react to them, I try to keep that addiction down to 2 a month now.

If I am honest with myself though...I buy 15 Hex Bombs per month, with the occasional cheeky order of one of their new metallic bombs here and there.

This is a box I bought from them called Hex Bomb A Bath Bombs & Soaps (the Hex Oil in the picture above was not included with this box)

Hex Bombs are hand made in Belfast and the name of the shop that sells them is called Bella Muerte Clothing, she sells some absolutely gorgeous gothic clothes too.  There is one dress on there that I would adore to own! Its called the Gothic Moon Mandala Dress (link here) only thing stopping me is I may be a little old for a dress like that.

Now before I go on about the types of Hex Bombs there are I'll go over prices, most of the "regular" bath bombs are priced between £3.99 and £4.50.  The metallic ones are priced differently as some do have pieces of costume jewelry in. You can also get the metallic ones without the jewelry in too, I will put the prices of those ones near their descriptions so nobody gets confused too much.

You can also now buy soaps from Hex Bomb now, in the past they were just included in one of their selection boxes.  I have three of the soaps and I really love them, they lather wonderfully and they are quite gentle too, I have used them on my 3 year old daughter and her skin can be very sensitive.

Right! Now I'm going to go over the Hex Bombs I have had, currently have or have used in the past.  I have pictures for some but not all, In some cases I didn't want to risk dropping my phone into the bath again.

One more quick thing, I have not had any staining in my bathtub from using these bath bombs, I do get little colour water droplet marks if someone has been splashing in the bath, my kids love these bath bombs just as much as me! Only takes a cloth to just wipe them away, doesn't need any cleaning products and to be honest you only get them if your splashing around.


Out of all the regular type Hex Bombs, this one has my favourite fragrance, sweet baby berry!  Just smells wonderful!  The fragrance is quite strong but not overpowering.  This particular bath bomb is also my kids favourite because of the scent and the intense red colour.  I tend to purchase 4 to 5 of these a month. This one is £3.99

Black as your Soul

 This was my very first Hex Bomb! Even after seeing all the pictures on Instagram I never truly believed how black it made the water go until I tried it myself!  You can take some amazing pictures of yourself in this water too, have a look on Bella Muerte Facebook group or their Instagram (their Instagram is Hex_bomb and their Facebook is Bella Muerte Clothing).  The fragrance of this one is like a rose garden, on their website it says it is suitable for sensitive skin and I can back this up as my skin is sensitive and I have psoriasis.  This Hex Bomb is £3.99.


I don't have any pictures for this one, I did have videos but I lost them when I got a new phone, the Hex Bomb website has some really good pictures of this bath bomb, the link is here.
This one makes your water go like a dark red orange and is fragranced with cherry cupcake oil, I like this one and would use it again, in fact I have a few times, but its not one of my top favourites.  This Hex Bomb costs £3.99.


Now this is my top favourite Hex Bomb! The reason why I love it so much is it's skin conditioning properties and it's medicated, also contains loads of stuff that's really brilliant for sensitive skin and can be used for people with skin conditions with rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.  Packed full of kaolin clay, epsom salts and coconut milk it really is brilliant on my skin, as well as giving a ghostly bath experience! This Hex Bomb is £4.50


This is a hard one to say! It tells you how to pronounce it on the Hex Bomb website!  I am not sure about the scent of this one, I like it but its just not one of my favourites, but what I do absolutely love is how this feels on my skin, it feels soft and moisturizing. 

 The fragrance in this bath bomb is pumpkin and nectarine, I think it's the pumpkin that I don't like.  This bath bomb is also packed with fantastic skin feeding ingredients, kaolin clay and epsom salts and infused with pumpkin seed oil.  This one turns your water to a lovely burnt orange colour, with a leaf added into the bath bomb.  This one costs £4.50.

I have tried almost all the of the regular Hex Bombs but all of the above are the ones I buy often, because I've only tried the others once or twice I don't feel I could give you a proper review of them.  Now let's get on to the metallics!

A couple of months ago the maker of Hex Bombs said she was releasing metallic bath bombs and I was so excited to see what she would come up with.  The first one she released was called Divinity, she was also releasing a version where a piece of custom costume jewelry would be added to the bath bomb.

Two of the metallics I have tried, top one is Divinity Luxury Royal Purple Metallic Bath Bomb with Custom Curiology Necklace (£11.99) and the bottom is Lore Luxury Pearl White Metallic Bath Bomb (£7.99)

Here are the pictures I have of Divinity Metallic Bath Bomb while I'm in the bath, don't worry no nudity!

I loved this bath bomb!  It really was an experience!  

Oh my god!  Bathing in this water was so different!  It was soft and lovely due to the epsom salts and arnica oil and has anti inflammatory properties,which would be lovely to use straight after the gym if you'd like.

The fragrance is tutti fruity and it stays on my skin even after the bath.  But the main thing that makes this bath wonderful is looking at it, every glittery swirl (there appears do be no glitter in it though), the way it dances its mesmerizing!  I could look at it all day, honestly I was really wrinkly when I got out the bath.

If you buy the one with the necklace in it looks like this, feel like I'm ruining a surprise, maybe I should have said spoiler warning.

I love this necklace! 

I think out of both of the metallics I have tried Divinity looks the prettiest and is the most hypnotizing to watch on the water. Divinity with the necklace in costs £11.99, and without the necklace in it costs £7.99.

Right on to Lore..

Looks gorgeous but very hard to photograph.

What initially attracted me to Lore was the thought it would be like my favourite Hex Bomb Spectre, it is and it isn't.  It is a silvery white metallic that does dance on the water the same as Divinity does, its just not as apparent.  It looks like clouds almost!  Contained in the bath bomb is kaolin clay, epsom salts and vanilla pod powder which is great for calming and soothing your skin.  This bath bomb costs £7.99

Wow!  That was one long arse post!  I do have a small habit of going on and on, especially if its about something I am passionate about like Hex Bombs, they are the best bath bombs I have ever used!

I wish they were better known as I know people would stop buying Lush's bath bombs as much as they do if they discovered Hex Bomb, especially people who don't have the best skin, I can find Lush's bath bombs quite drying.  Never had that issue with a Hex Bomb.

Thanks for saying with me if you've got this far into the post! 

I would love to hear if you have tried Hex Bomb, and what you thought about it?



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