Barry M Molten Metals Nail Polish....Including Swatches

This is the whole Barry M Molten Metals range, well until they release more (pretty please)!  From left to right...
Holographic Lights
Gold Rush
Bronze Bae
Pink Ice
Copper Mine
Gold Digger
Black Diamond
Blue Glacier
Silver Lining

This will be a very picture heavy post, which is the way it should be!  I will show each nail polish including swatches and give a little description of it, really don't want this post getting too long.

 This is Blue Glacier, a gorgeous frosty blue that looks amazing in sunlight (I will probably repeat that often in this post)  it has a beautiful silvery finish.  This is one of those polishes that when you wear it, you will stare at it! Formula wise I only had to do two coats of this on the swatch sticks to get full opacity.

This is Copper Mine, gorgeous deep coppery polish that really does look like brushed on metal in the light, this one has a few hints of sliver running through it when it is in the direct sunlight, this needed two coats on the swatch stick.

This is Bronze Bae, a gorgeous bronze (well duh raych!) colour, it can look a little lighter in direct sunlight and really does look like brushed on gold.  This one was also just two coats on the swatch sticks. 

This is Silver Lining, one of my favourites in the Molten Metals range, it's hard to describe this other than it's silver and almost glows white in direct sunlight!  I think that may be a good enough description for it!  This one also took two coats on the swatch stick.

This one is Pink Ice, out of all the gold and bronze ish shade polishes in this range this one is my favourite, I do tend to gravitate towards anything pink...or purple! As always I'm awful at describing colours!  I just think this colour is really pretty,  it's gold with just a wee hint of pink.  This polish took two coats for full opacity.

This one is called Gold Rush, gorgeous gold metallic polish with hints of silver and pink inside, this swatch doesn't do it justice, it looks yellowy but it's not at all, this one did take three coats for full opacity on the swatch stick.

This one is called Black Diamond and it's my favourite out of the whole range!  It was funny when I was swatching this one the name had rubbed off the bottle so I had to write on the swatch sticks "the black one". Completely forgot the name!  I love how this looks in sunlight, almost like graphite with a silver sheen, so so gorgeous!!  This one took two coats on the swatch stick to reach full opacity.

This one is called Holographic Lights, and oh my word it's stunning!  It's the first proper linear holographic nail polish I have seen from Barry M,  now this one does take three coats on the swatch stick but saying that it does look good with just two, I think I just wanted it to be quite opaque on the stick.  Looks amazing in sunlight, this one is my second favourite after Black Diamond.

This one is called Gold Digger, it's a really pretty soft gold with some yellow tones, as with all the Molten Metals it almost looks like brushed on metal.  It is very light for a gold polish and the swatch stick needed three coats to be fully opaque.

That's it everyone!  Every single Molten Metal polish has been swatched! Phew!!! I was panicking I would get all the names wrong as most have rubbed off the bottle now!  So easy to do with some of them being so similar.

Barry M have brilliant quality polishes for a budget price, the Molten Metals cost £3.99 each from They are a cruelty free brand as well which is always fantastic!

Overall I love the majority of Barry M polishes, of course there are a couple I don't like but you get that with most things, but this Molten Metals range, every single nail polish looks really gorgeous, and metallic is apparently on trend for 2017, I may be a little late to discover that!

I bought every single one of these nail polishes myself.

What do you think?  Have you tried them?



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