Barry M Colour Correcting Wands

Barry M Colour Correcting Wands £4.49 each at

My face is currently a map of redness and blotches, with dark under eye circles being my most prominent feature!  It sounds worse than it actually is but I think everyone tends to point to their flaws first, I know I am guilty of that a lot!

Because of this I am always on the look out for makeup that can mask these areas of my face without it looking like I have gone to B & Q and mixed a foundation in with Polyfilla!

I spotted these correcting wands purely by accident after picking up the purple one thinking it was some kind of weird lipstick Barry M had!  I swear I didn't apply it to my lips..honestly.  After having a proper look at the wand, I had a look at the other colours they offered and because Superdrug has a 3 for 2 offer on I decided to pick them all up.

Barry M offers three colours for their colour correction wands, I also own a palette from another brand that has a couple of other shades, but these three are usually the most prominent colours in these type of palettes.

Barry M says this about these wands..

Blendable cream wands that work in combination to correct skin imperfections for a beautiful, colour balanced complexion.

They are right, they are very blendable!  The picture on the right is after I have lightly blended the colour corrector in with my fingers, at first I did think the formula was pretty watery and I wasn't very keen on the purple and green shades, but now after a little practise I am loving them!  I apply the green shade which is for redness underneath my nose, on my chin and on my forehead with a tiny bit on my cheeks.

I apply the purple one which brightens skin just underneath my hairline and above my cheeks where I will later apply highlighter.  Now on to my favourite!  I apply the yellow one directly on my dark eye circles and blend with either my fingers just dabbing or a moist beauty blender, this one is my favourite because when I apply the concealer on top it really does cancel out my dark circles!  Which is a miracle!

The trick to using these is layering, primer first, use the colour correctors, foundation then concealer, that's how I have been doing it and I am really loving the results.  Sometimes I will skip the foundation as I don't like my every day makeup to be too heavy and still get great results.

You can use your fingers or a damp beauty blender to blend all of the colours, you can also use a brush.

This yellow one is my favourite!!!

These colour correcting wands are brilliant and I am so glad I tried them out, if you were only choosing one I would say get the yellow colour correcting wand (especially if you have dark under eye circles)!  

Anyway its a gorgeous day here in Liverpool and I may actually go outside and enjoy the sun!  Maybe a Gin & Tonic will help encourage me!



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