Baking cakes again

Getting back into baking bit by bit!  Starting with this giant cupcake made for the girlfriend of a relative.

I am planning on making this a picture heavy post as I think there is only so much you can say about baking that hasn't been said before! But I will give you all a brief history of Raych making cakes.

I was always drawn to baking, I loved baking cakes as much as everyone does eating them!  But oh my! The amount of mistakes I made with icing and cake batter in the early days nearly put me off baking for good.  

With each mistake I made I learned more and more, I can use fondant icing with ease now and trim, layer and fill a buttercream cake with my eyes closed, and that's all due to the mistakes I made early on.  Just a quick point though, maybe its not a good idea to try to buttercream a cake with your eyes closed, I ended up with more on the cake board than on the cake!

These pictures show the giant cupcake just before and during decorating, I will add that at this point I started to get chocolate fudge icing on my IPhone, another lesson learned....don't leave phone next to icing spreader.

So since I started I have made many buttercream and fondant cakes as well as making the small decorations that you can add to the cakes.  I have started using a spray machine to colour the fondant icing or add a lustre to it which I am excited about! I really need to learn to use that machine properly though.  I have gleaned more and more information about piping from baking shows, but I still can't write with a piping bag, learning that is on my to do list.

So after much thought, I have decided that I will start baking professionally again, I'm nervous but excited to start this over again but I do think it's something I'm good at (yes mum if your reading this it has finally sunk in!).

I was a little afraid of piping on top of the giant cupcake at first!

When I was making this particular cake I think I was afraid because I thought the kitchen was too hot for the icing not slide of the side of the cake.  Here is a picture of what the finished cake looks like from the top.

I can't wait to make this giant cupcake in vanilla and mix all kinds of colours with it! Maybe make a rainbow unicorn giant cupcake!

In order to get this box to its intended recipient without damage (fingers crossed) we got a cake box but bought an extender for it.

This box was so huge!

I had so much fun making this cake in the end, I was a little nervous at first as it had been a while since I had made a cake for anyone but immediate family.

The flavours for this cake were Devil's Food Cake (very rich chocolate cake) from the Betty Crocker range, the cupcakes were the same mix too.  The icing was Indulgent Chocolate Fudge Icing also from Betty Crocker, I did have an issue with this icing at first, it was rich but quite thin to pipe, I resolved that by sticking it in the fridge it a piping bag for twenty minutes before using it, made icing the swirls so much easier.

Now a few of you will be asking right now "Why did she use box cake mix and store bought icing?"  The response to that is I had not baked cakes from scratch for such a long time I didn't want to risk the batter not rising or some other disaster as this was a cake that I was paid to do.  I took the easier way out but I am working on my own sponge cake recipes again, will be looking for volunteers to taste test it all!

Do you know any good vanilla or chocolate cake recipes? 



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