Raych Nail Stamping Attempt...Getting there!

Yes! I managed it, well sort of!

I've been into nails for a while, but I can never seem to pull of decent nail art!  In the past few months I have been trying vinyls, decals, stamping, reverse stamping, water marbling and sponging (or dabbing..not 100% sure what that one is called exactly).  My nails are no longer "nubs"!. I can finally now do some decent nail art!  If you want info about how I have been getting my nails to grow well and what I have been using, check my post out here.

Out of all the methods for nail art I decided to focus on stamping, I have seen so many gorgeous pics and YouTube videos of people stamping on their nails, there are so many stunning stamping plates out there too.  My current favourite is one by Sugar Bubbles (the one I used for the pic above is called SB 048) it looks almost like lace when you stamp it on your nails .  Here is a screenshot..

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Connection

I have tried to find mine for the past hour and I think I have left in a friends house when trying stamping on their nails, I can never remember where I put stuff sometimes!

Right! These are the polishes I used this in this manicure, I will list everything else I used too..

From left to right :-

Superchic Lacquer Bring it On Basecoat
Barry M Plump Hi Shine Topcoat
Painted Polish Midnight Mischief
Color Club French Tip
NOT SHOWN Sugar Bubbles SB 048 Plate
NOT SHOWN Bundle Monster Stamper Set (link here) 
NOT SHOWN Lint roller for "priming" stamper, which I bought at Poundland.
NOT SHOWN Zap Skin Protector Liquid Latex

I bought most of these polishes (except Barry M Plump Hi Shine Topcoat) at my favourite indie nail polish website Rainbow Connection but they are out of stock of everything except Painted Polish Midnight Mischief and the stamping plate from Sugar Bubbles at the moment.  

The stamper set I used was from a fantastic company that sells everything nails called Bundle Monster, they do more than just nail art stuff but that's what I use them for!  

Now Bundle Monster is based in the USA so if you are in the UK like me, you will have to pay international shipping, but its not as much as a lot of other companies, especially when you look at the price of their stuff their stamping plates are quite cheap and I have got one and it stamps lovely. 

Only downside to ordering from abroad is getting customs charges, I didn't get one from my last order from Bundle Monster but I cant guarantee that you wont get charged if and when you order from them.

Right lets get into the stamping!!  After reading a lot of blog posts about it I got everything prepared before hand, I know that sounds like a no brainer but I think when your excited to try something you tend to rush into it!  Once I have all my polishes and stamps ready clean up brush out and a small amount of acetone in a cup, I also start to put liquid latex around my nails so cleanup is so much easier.

I also have the sticky lint picker upper ready to clean and prime the stamp.  Now that is the best tip I got from more experienced stampers!! It works really well! A lot of people don't think you need to prime the stamper but you really do, especially if you are dealing with polishes that were not designed for stamping.

Some people use a old nail file and gently buff on the stamp to prime it, I have not tried that yet so I cant really say if that works or not.  I know a bit of sellotape can work the same as the lint roller but the roller is so much easier to work with.

So now I've described my setup lets actually get onto the stamping!  I apply a line of polish above the design on the stamping plate that I want to use, I get a bendy scraper (small piece of plastic that most stampers come with) I scrape the polish in a downwards direction then immediately take the stamper and roll it on to the design firmly to pick up the image..

I then roll the stamper on the nail that I want to put the design on.  I think this bit would be a little easier with a clear stamper, but they can be quite difficult to use at first. 

I think that's weird that they are more difficult to use than other stampers.  From one beginner to another, get a squishy stamper that is easier to use until you gain more confidence with stamping.

After stamping the image on my nail I get tweezers and remove the liquid latex that was around my nails, then I use the cleanup brush dipped in acetone to clean up any bits that are left and hey presto! You've stamped an image on your nails!! I must admit the first time I did this without fucking it up I nearly cried! My eldest gave me such a funny look!

Now you do need to give them all a good amount of time to dry, if you look closely on my stamping pics, you can see that the black smudged a little on my nails.  This was down to me applying a thin amount of top coat on my nails, now I really should have applied a larger amount and instead of dragging it over the nail I should have quickly moved it without the brush actually touching the design.  

I know that must sound really weird but once you have a go, you will see what I mean, it is more of a glide over the image without touching it with the brush rather than placing the top coat over.....that all sounds so confusing when I say it out loud!

I hope this post helps anyone who wants to try out stamping for the first time, I would like any more experienced nail stampers to leave comments with their tips below!

Also if you do try out stamping, I would love to see your pics in the comments too!!



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