New Nail Polish! A England Rose Bower

I purchased this from Hypnotic Polish for 10.50 EUR, click here 

I had not tried A England nail polishes before, so I was really excited to get my hands on this one and a few others, which I will show you all soon!  This one is called Rose Bower.

I am not a big wearer of red nail polish, don't know why really, it was just one colour I didn't really gravitate towards.

Here is how it looks in the sunlight outside..

I have done two coats of polish and one of top coat, I am not the neatest painter of nails but I am getting better,  I should focus on cleanup a little more than I do.  Do any of you struggle with cleanup?

This is really a gorgeous red polish with a slight shimmer that comes alive in direct light, I have had this on for a couple of days and its not chipped yet, my polish does have a habit of chipping easily so we will see how long I get out of it.

Cant wait to try the other A England polishes that I bought now!  Have you tried A England?? What did you think?



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