Lovely Lipstick...NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Lipstick in Exotic

NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Lipstick in Exotic
You can buy this gorgeous lippy in Boots stores or online here

As with most lipsticks I buy, which if I am honest, end up chucked in the lippy drawer and disappear into makeup Narnia only to be discovered by my daughter on her random hunts through my stuff....this one I discovered by accident when I decided I needed more space for my growing indie nail polish collection.

Okay that was a rather long winded explanation! Anyway once I had this lippy in my hands I thought I'll finally wear it. Since that day, I have probably worn this most days, I don't tend to get looks of the other mums on the school run wearing this compared to my MAC Candy Yum Yum! Which is probably why I have worn Exotic so often.

Please ignore how pale I look in this picture...

This liquid lip dries down pretty quickly, within a minute or two and feels quite velvety on my lips, the wand is quite thin but it is long.  I tend to use the tip of the wand to "line" my lips before using the side to fill them in.

As for the colour, and I must apologize as I am terrible at describing colours!  It looks to me to be a reddy brownish shade, almost like the colour of a brick...see I did say I was bad at describing colours!  

When is comes to wear I will say you need to do two coats of this for full opacity, as it can be a little patchy but the second coat fills that in nicely.  It doesn't transfer unless your eating or drinking, when I wear this I can get a few hours before it will start to fade.

I am rather new to NYX makeup and can't wait to try more from their range, their prices are fantastic and I have seen so many positive reviews for so many things.

Overall I am loving this lipstick, I plan on buying more from this range soon, the price is brilliant (£6.50 from Boots) so I will probably be buying more than one next time I am in Boots, I can see myself walking out with 10! Think I need to rob a bank to feel my makeup and nail polish addiction.

Do you like NYX? let me know your thoughts.



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