It's a Babyballet morning!

This was taken while we were waiting for her Tappers class.

As I've decided to add more home life stuff to my blog, I though I would include more stuff about my kids.  I have three children, two boys and a girl, my boys are 15 and 8 and my little girl is 3.

I think it's important for kids to do stuff outside of school, I have friends who's kids do swimming lessons, some do gymnastics and others do dance and judo.  My boys do judo, my eldest lad is a black belt and is close to becoming a Sensei in his own right!I am so so proud of him! My youngest boy is a brown belt and is advancing fast through the rest belts, so I suspect he will be a black belt in the next year or so too.

My little girl does Babyballet classes, I started her on them when she was 18 months old, now I think it's important to include that the first Babyballet class she attended she didn't settle and I did think that it was mainly due to the teacher as she wasn't very good.

She didn't have the energy that Isabella's current teacher has.  Anyway I kept Isabella in that class for three more months before I decided it was ridiculous to keep trying to force Isabella to do her class.

We took a break from Babyballet for nearly a year until I discovered another class that was a little further than the original one, but I wanted to give it a try!  

I paid £15 for 3 taster sessions, on her first lesson I saw that the parents left their children with the teacher and went and sat next door!  I thought that was a brilliant idea as I know if I would have been sat there watching Isabella would play up, but because it was her first session with this teacher, I sat in the class with her, she took to this class like a duck to water!

The teachers energy was amazing and Isabella was totally engaged in the class! She loves coming every single week! Babyballet have also added a class called Tappers, it's a fifteen minute tap class that starts before the normal Babyballet class.  

I started Isabella on Tappers two months ago and she's really good at it, she loves to wear her tap shoes all the time, getting sick of hearing them through the house!

Here is a little info about Babyballet 
  • Babyballet have four types of ballet class for your child to work through 
  • The class are called Tots (6-18 months) Tinies (18 months - 3) Movers (3-4) Groovers (4-6)
  • Membership is £10
  • A term of Babyballet and Tappers costs me £45, now that is for both, I think it's £10 cheaper if you don't do Tappers.

Babyballet do run birthday parties but I think it depends on your area, you would need to search on their homepage, link is here.  You can also buy the Babyballet uniform  on their website, it is really beautiful, but its not compulsory so don't worry about that, Sainsbury's do lovely ballet uniform too.

I have quite a few clips of my daughters classes on my phone, I'm going to show you a clip of a performance in the Tappers class then one in the Babyballet class.  The quality of these video clips isn't great though, so I apologize for that in advance.


This is the performance in the Tappers class, my daughter is the one wearing the My Little Pony dress in the middle. Too cute bellabee!

This is a performance in the Babyballet class, its hard to spot my daughter here as they are all dressed pretty much the same, she has a bun on her head and I think is almost the smallest in the class... sorry that doesn't help much!

Isabella loves Babyballet and I am so pleased I gave it a second chance as we have found a wonderful teacher called Miss Katherine!

You can search for Babyballet classes near you at

Here are a few more pictures of Isabella in her Babyballet class, including one with her teacher and Flutterstar!

Does your little one do Babyballet? Would love to hear your experiences.



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