Isabella's NCT Nearly New Sale Haul x

There was a little more but her dad had put it away already!

I had a thought that I would start adding other types of posts on here, not just beauty ones maybe include some family ones too.

As a mum of 3 I am always looking for ways to try and save money here and there, mostly to fund my indie nail polish addiction...not really..well maybe a little.

When I had my first child, who is now 15 everything I got had to be brand spanking new, clothes, prams every single thing had to be new.  When I had my second child my attitude changed, especially when my husband lost his job, for years I had been part of a charity called the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) but never really used it, always thought it was a group for snotty mums as I once went to coffee meeting of theirs and felt so utterly inadequate next to these women!

Once I had my third child I didn't care where her clothes came from as long as she had them!  

But what I did discover was their amazing Nearly New Sales, the first one I went to was in Lark Lane in Liverpool, they charged £1 to go in and it was basically like a car boot of baby and toddler stuff, it was fantastic!  I picked up loads of bedding, toys, clothes. I think I managed to kit Matthew and then Isabella out for ages with each Nearly New Sale.

I was lucky enough to have two sales running close to me, my favourite one is still running, its at Old Christ Church on Waterloo Road, Waterloo.  Now the reason why I love this one is how they lay everything out, its more like a shop than a car boot sale, with everything placed neatly on racks and tables.  There is no individual stalls and you can pay with your debit/credit card too!

Here are some pics I took from The North Liverpool NCT facebook page that show how it looked on the day of the Nearly New Sale.

I could have easily walked out with everything on the girls age 3-4 rail, as well as most of the girls toys and the clothes for boys age 8-10!

In the end I walked away with...

  • 4 Dresses
  • 3 Pairs of leggings
  • 1 Coat
  • 1 Dressing gown
  • 5 Tops
  • 1 Pair of pj's
  • 4 Pairs of shoes
  • 1 Buggy
  • 1 Jacket
  • 3 Pairs of boys trousers
  • 1 Boys t shirt

Most of the items I got were either from Next or Debenhams, only a couple of items were from George (Asda), and of course I bought some Hello Kitty branded stuff which I think you can spot in the picture at the top of this post. The shoes were originally from Clarks, Lelli Kelly, Bluezoo (Debenhams) and Chipmunks.  The buggy was Minnie Mouse themed and was originally from Mothercare.

Here is a pic of the buggy, which is in great condition!  If I'm honest with myself I half expected it to fall apart once I put my daughter in it! Only because I paid £10 for it! But I did need a new buggy for Isabella quickly as she gets really tired walking to nursery. 

I'm sure at this point you are wondering how much I spent, well in total I spent £54.50, and as I said £10 of that was for the buggy too. 

Everything I bought from this Nearly New Sale was brilliant quality, some of the tops and leggings appeared brand new!  I did see designer stuff at the sale too, one was a gorgeous Burberry coat but none of it was in Isabella's size, that stuff was in baby sizes...bugger!

One item I wish I would have bought was a gorgeous coat by Joules, it was blue but lined in the most gorgeous hot pink!  It was priced at £10, I thought it was too much for a coat that did look quite worn but was gorgeous.  I'm going to blame my mum for walking away from that coat! Yes mum if your reading this, its your fault!!!...please don't shout at me.

I have noticed there are more and more Nearly New type sales for baby stuff popping up around the country, these ones are not run by the NCT but that doesn't make them bad or anything.

I've been to one that was called the baby fair and it was brilliant, not seen that one advertised since though.  Another one is called Mum2Mum (link is here) that one appears to be nationwide like the NCT is.

Nearly New Sales have now become a biannual event for me, I wish they did them more often though!! I try to stock up as much as I can and I will probably be using them to dress Isabella until she enters double figures!

To look at the NCT website detailing everything they do for new and existing parents, click here.  To go directly to the Nearly New Sale search engine to find one near you, click here.  Just pop in your postcode and the dates you want to search from.

Isabella is wearing one of the dresses I got from the Nearly New Sale, its quite big on her as its age 4-5 but she wanted to wear it and have her picture taken! Looking gorgeous baby girl!

Hope you liked this post, if you've got any questions please comment below.



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