Aldi's gorgeous skincare range, Lacura Caviar Illumination Range x

Some of this range is available online at

Recently I had been looking for a more budget friendly skincare routine to replace my Liz Earle favourites, trying to save money now to be able to take my kids on holiday.  I have tried ones from Superdrug and Boots and found most of their own brand ranges either broke my skin out or gave me some really weird rashes on my face, it looked like I had been slapped!

I shop at Aldi a lot, always love having a mooch around there to see what new bits and bobs they have available, I did spot the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day and Night Cream a while back but didn't buy it as I really didn't expect it to be any good, well I got proved wrong.

After some more research via Google when I got home I discovered that people were giving it fantastic reviews and there were posts from the media comparing it to a £292 cream (well nearly). This article I am going to link was written on 28th September 2015, you can read it here.

The products from the range that I have been using are
  • Lacura Caviar Night Cream £6.99 buy here
  • Lacura Caviar Day Cream £6.99 buy here
  • Lacura Caviar 3 Minute Mask £6.99 buy here
  • Lacura Caviar Illumination Roll On (eye cream) £2.99 only available in store unfortunately, and not all the time, seems to be a Aldi Specialbuy.
Ive been using them all for over a month now, well except the eye roll on as I've only been using that for a week or so, took me that long to get it. In that month I feel like my skin has been transformed, no more rashes or loads of spots, just the occasional patch of chin acne every now and again when its my time of the month, don't think anyone wanted to know that really!

I have used the creams every morning and evening alongside the eye roll on, my skin has felt so soft and well moisturized without feeling heavy or greasy.  I tend to avoid putting too much cream on my chin area because of how easy I can get spots there, I don't even apply the cream with my fingers there, I use a cotton pad with a very small amount on it, must keep my fingers off my chin!

My main wrinkles, and when I say main I mean the huge line between my eyebrows due to my constant frowning, has faded a little bit and my fine lines seem to have faded even more, I can't see them in the mirror unless I use a magnifying glass!  My skin also feels soft and looks dewy, I love that the day cream has an SPF in it of 15 so I don't have to put one on over it.

I do seem to use a little bit more than I would with more expensive creams but at £6.99 a jar I'm not too bothered about that.  

The mask is also wonderful, you really only leave it on for 3 minutes though as your skin may start to feel irritated otherwise, it comes with a small brush for application but I threw it out and started using a washed old foundation brush for application, only need a very small amount and your skin is glowing afterwards.

I was trying to keep this post short and sweet! ooopsie daisy!

Overall I am really loving the Caviar skincare range, I just wish they had a face wash or cleanser too, it has tempted me to try more of Aldi's skincare range, have any of you got any recommendations? Please comment if you do.

Would you try this range??



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