Picture Lips (Polish) Matte Lipstick in Bordeaux

Picture Lips Matte Lipstick in Bordeaux...£12 pre order from Rainbow Connection.

I love Picture Polish nail lacquers, I own quite a few now...well more than quite a few if I am being honest. Saying that I have a Picture Polish addiction would be a more accurate description..well anyway I'll shut my mouth about that and go back to this gorgeous lipstick.

This is a gorgeous "full bodied" wine shade of red, looks really stunning on me and I really don't suit many shades of red.  I don't know why but sometimes I feel look like a clown wearing them, think it's all in my head :)

The formula is soft and buttery, glides on so easily considering its a matte lipstick, but in my opinion its not fully matte, its a bit in between which is why I think application is a lot easier.  I've had some mattes that felt like they had to be dragged over my lips just to get some colour!

Picture Polish has released a total of 5 lipsticks so far and I have pre ordered another 2 which are Bonkers (purple) and Love (brighter red).

Overall I really love this lipstick and have worn it so many times since getting it, I get compliments on it which always makes me smile....I sound like I've got such a big head now.

Do you like the look of this lippy??? Let me know...



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