Chinese New Year! Family Day

Pic was taken on Nelson Street in Liverpool's China Town, you can see the dragon coming down the street in the distance.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to show you pics and a video clip I took at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Liverpool's China Town, I am so lucky to have such a vibrant community in my home city.

This pic was taken on Nelson Street as we waited for the dragons to come down the road.

Isabella (little one in pink) didn't like the sound of the firecrackers so she clung on to her daddy!

Wish I was taller when taking these pictures!!! I'm so short!

Please ignore the shaky camera work here...I had to stand on my tippy toes in order to see properly! Love the dragons!
The quality when I transferred this video to blogger seems to have really diminished, so apologies for that too.

This was the last picture I took of the day as my little ones were getting quite tired and the firecrackers were so loud! 

We had such a fantastic time, there were so many other things on in China Town for the new years celebrations I do wish we could have seen more, including illuminations at the end of the day on the arch and buildings surrounding China Town.

Anyway, I hope you've liked my pics and video, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!



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