Using less makeup, doing more nails..

My skin recently threw a wobbly and decided to break out in psoriasis and spots. The La Roche Posay routine I have is taking care of the spots and coating my psoriasis patches with oilatum cream is very slowly taking care of that too, I do have to add a wee bit of steroid cream but literally only a tiny wee bit. (quick disclaimer...doctors dont reccomend this at all!)

With all that happening on my face I have not been wearing makeup as often as I used to, I think foundation looks awful over scaly psoriasis!  So I have been focusing on my nails instead, my nails have dramatically changed in the last two months, they have stopped breaking and peeling and they are finally starting to grow!

If you would like a nail care post or one on how I have finally got them to grow please comment below, and please don't think I am going to stop talking about makeup or skincare, I am just waiting for this flare up to pass before I start wearing makeup again, I would love to hear from any of you if you suffer with psoriasis too.

So there will be quite a few nail based posts coming up!  Hope you like them <3

Raych xoxoxo


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