Twinkled T Nail Vinyls

Twinkled T Nail Vinyls..Prices can range between $3.99 -$11.49. Links will be below the picture of each sheet.

In recent months since the overall condition of my nails improved, I started to look at nail art and all the designs I could try.  I watched quite a few You Tubers and I think my favourite one is Christine from Simply Nailogical, she mentioned a small on line shop in America where she got all of her nail vinyls, so I had a gander.

Twinkled T is a fantastic shop run by sisters, and I am not being paid or sponsored to say that, they sell more than just nail vinyls, they sell tools and everything you could need for nail art!  

They sell a mat for nail art which I have just ordered and cant wait to try, and in the next few weeks they will be selling holo and chrome powders too, which I am even more excited to try.

But for my very first order, I just got nail vinyls, I was so happy to see that I didn't have to pay shipping for my order, and considering that I am in the UK and they are in America it was a huge surprise!  I have recently made another order with quite a few bits in including the Glamour Mat, and the post and packaging was only $10.

If your curious I would just go make a basket up on their website and see what your postage would be, but so far they are the cheapest for postage when it comes to getting nail art bits and bobs from America.

Heart Swirl Vinyls...$3.99 for 1 Sheet at Twinkled T

Cat Cyclone Vinyls...created by Simply Nailogical $3.99 1 Sheet at Twinkled T

Mini Cyclone Vinyls $3.99 1 Sheet at Twinkled T

Mermaid Stencils $4.99 1 Sheet at Twinkled T

Cyclone Vinyls $3.99 1 Sheet at Twinkled T

Menchie Vinyls, Created by Simply Nailogical $3.99 1 sheet at Twinkled T

Chevron Variety Vinyls $3.99 1 sheet at Twinkled T

I have had a little practise with some of these vinyls, there is definitely a way of peeling them off, I find using a wooden nail stick or tweezers is the easiest or to be honest anything with a flat edge and peeling in the direction of the pattern, especially when you are peeling the cyclone ones. 

I did make the rookie mistake the first time I used them by letting the nail polish dry before peeling...that was just a disaster.  But after that mistake I really am loving them!  I am not the not the best nail polish painter person, but getting better with practise.  Would you all like to see more reviews of nail polish and nail care from me?

When you order vinyls from Twinkled T they come in a little envelope (pictured at the very top of this post) and it tells you on the back exactly how to use the vinyls, but there are tonnes of reviews on You Tube about nail vinyls too, I find its all about finding a way that works for you.

One more thing about ordering from Twinkled T, they usually almost always (that was a mouth full) have a 10% off discount code, at the time of writing this review, it is SAVE10.

I'm just going to add a video from You Tube made by Simply Nailogical where she uses 2 of the cat vinyls that I have posted above ( Cat Cyclone and Menchie Vinyls).

Think I will be playing with my vinyls more tonight! Just need to decide on the colours..

Would love to know if any of you use vinyls, comment below if you do.

Raych xoxox


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